Spell Type Sorcery
Type Self
icon_intelligence.png 14
Slots Used 1
Spell Uses 11

Chameleon is a Sorcery in Dark Souls. To cast a sorcery, you must use a Catalyst or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries


Ancient sorcery of the lost land of Oolacile. Transform into something inconspicuous.
A separate stealth spell from Hidden Body. A skilled stealth sorcerer must be aware of his or her surrounding and of which objects are prime candidates for imitation



  • Self
  • Duration: Until Broken, Attacked, Reload game, Leave/Join another world.
  • Transform into an inanimate object. Can move, but not run, any other action breaks the effect.


Acquired From



  • Will cancel the lock-on of opposing players when casted.
  • This spell can be very useful in PvP, especially if the PvP is happening in certain areas. Darkroot garden PvP is one of the best places for this spell, the bush/small tree object you are transformed into are plentiful in that area and using this spell will make is almost impossible to find you. One good use of this spell for Forest Hunters is to transform as soon as you are summoned into the zone, preferably after moving a short distance away from your spawn spot, so that you can safely change rings from the Cat Covenant Ring to a ring that is useful in combat.


The possible objects you turn into are as follows:

  • Undead Asylum - Strapped Barrel
  • Firelink Shrine - Moss Covered Vase
  • Upper Undead Burg - Strapped Barrel
  • Undead Parish - Strapped Barrel
  • Lower Undead Burg - Strapped Barrel
  • Depths - Inanimate Slime Pile
  • Blighttown - Badly Made Pot
  • Quelaag's Domain - Strange Egg Vase
  • The Great Hollow - Small Mushroom
  • Ash Lake - Small Mushroom
  • Sen's Fortress - Silver Knight Statue
  • Anor Londo - Well Made Vase
  • Painted World - Impaled Corpse
  • Darkroot Garden - Small Tree
  • Darkroot Basin - Small Tree
  • Valley of the Drakes - Moss Covered Vase
  • New Londo Ruins - Moss Covered Vase
  • The Duke's Archives - Wooden Podium
  • Crystal Cave - Wooden Podium
  • Demon Ruins - Firebreathing Statue
  • Lost Izalith - Firebreathing Statue
  • The Catacombs - Stone Vase
  • Tomb of Giants - Giant Skull
  • Kiln of the First Flame - Fire-blasted Pillar
  • Prepare to Die DLC (AotA): Abyss Crystal


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    • Anonymous

      It should be noted that this spell is useless in PvE. While it can be cast at non-online areas (Asylum, Firelink, Quelaag's Domain, Ash Lake, Great Hollow, etc.) it won't give you any benefit since AI controled enemies will se through you disguise right away.

      • Anonymous

        This spell combined with the ring of fog makes it almost impossible for forest hunters to find you. I used this combo last night and invaders couldn’t find me for 20+ minutes.

        • Anonymous

          A few weeks ago I was invaded in the undead parish. I waited and no one came down the stairs, so I went up, cleared the crowd cautiously, and there was an item on the ground. I thought awe, that invader is giving me this to make up for the fact he's going to twink me. cool! As I leaned over to pick it up, a crown of dusk burst from a barrel, one-shotting me in the face with dark bead. Utter brilliance. I felt so stupid but laughed outloud. I'm just getting into this pvp thing, but that was the best thing that's ever happened to me in dark souls

          • Anonymous

            Probably one of the funniest spells, maybe even the funniest. Imagine invading someone who's in the Depths, and you're trying to find them, and suddenly you get crystal soul speared by a ****in pile of slime. Instant classic.

            • Anonymous

              Saw somebody in township with this spell and ninjaflip. It was a gravelord in the chained prisoner room. They never even attacked?

              • Anonymous

                This spell is a must have for invading against large groups while alone. With a bit of cleverness, you can choose your own encounter and even catch someone off guard

                • Anonymous

                  The sheer joy of crystal soulspearing a ganksquad host when they run by is why I always go back to play my sorcerer.

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