Chaos Spartan

Starting Class: Warrior; Starting Gift: Any
General Information
As a build that focuses on Chaos Weaponry and other factors, the character will focus on the factor of invading others in the world of Lost Izalith, the most underpopulated area in terms of PvP. Being as it is, arming yourself with spartan clothing of sorts will also dismay the beings of sorts, and can be said that it is an easy way to benefit the player in the case of war, arming themselves with spartan weaponry and using the power of chaos in the player's favour.
Stats: Level 75
  • Vitality - 30
  • Attunement - 16
  • Endurance - 30
  • Strength - 24
  • Dexterity - 14
  • Resistance - 25
  • Intelligence - 9
  • Faith - 9

Weapons in Use
  • Chaos Pike + 5
  • Large Leather Shield + 15
  • Chaos Shotel + 5
  • Ascend Pyromancer Flame + 5

Rings to Use
  • Orange Charred Ring (for Lava Terrain)
  • Rusted Iron Ring (for Izalith Sewer Terrain)
  • Flame Stoneplate Ring (for Lava Terrain)
  • Poisonbite Ring (for Izalith Sewer Terrain)

Armor to Use
  • Sunlight Maggot/Egg Head
  • Hollow Soldier Waistcloth + 10

Using any Spell of either the Chaos or Poison/Toxin Mists are Fine. The selection of such things include the Chaos Fireball, the Chaos Firewhip, the Chaos Firestorm, Poison Mist and Toxin Mist. Not only can you invade enemies from Lost Izalith sufficiently, but you can also invade Blighttown and the Demon Ruins just as easily as well. Arming yourself as a Darkwraith will help, and you can invade enemies VIA Red Eye Orb, or you can try the Red Soapstone for honourable combat. Or you can join the Darkwraiths, buy a good chunk of Cracked Red Eye Orbs (worth 3000 souls each), and then leave and join the Chaos Servents, giving awya humanity to the White Lady while using it to grow in power. The Choice is yours. I bid you good luck. Whether you wear the Egg head or the Sunlight Maggot Helm is clearly up to you.
PvP or PvE: As this character is both fit for fast and easy hits against enemies such as the Bed of Chaos and the Firesage Demon, as well as built for Lava and Swamp Terrain, using speed and having a good amount of endurance and vitality with resistance and speed, this character is vitaly good in the role of the world of the Witch of izalith, and can explore the world from blighttown to Lost Izalith in ease. As well, this character is built in the role of PvP long range with the spear, as well as anti-shield usage against enemies with the Shotel, allowing easy use for the player in combat. The usage of the Grain ring is unnecessary due to the endurance and weight space, and the player is dependent on Humanity at the highest degree, making use of it everywhere they go. However troubling against the Chaos Spider and the Ceaseless Discharge, no other factors hinder this character, and can be used outside at the lastest, acting in Roleplay as a chaos being, a Chaos Spartan, derived of almost everything except what is necessary.

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