Chaos Storm

Spell Type Pyromancy
Slots Used 2
Uses 20 (17 per cast)

Chaos Storm is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls. To cast a pyromancy, you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancies


Art of the Flame of Chaos, which engulfed the Witch of Izalith and her daughters.
Erect localized chaos fire pillars which change strength depending on humanity.
The Witch of Izalith, in an ambitious attempt to copy the First Flame, created instead the Flame of Chaos, a twisted bed of life.



  • Area of Effect
  • Fire damage area of effect spell with lava residue and knockback.


Acquired From

  • Rank 2 in Chaos Covenant (30 humanities total)



  • Does not scale with Humanity like the description implies.


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