Chaos Witch Quelaag

Boss 0031 Chaos Witch Quelaag
Location Blighttown
Health * NG: 3,139
NG+: 6,027
Souls * NG: 20,000
NG+: 60,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

Chaos Witch Quelaag is a Boss in Dark Souls.


Chaos Witch Quelaag Information

A half-woman, half-spider demon located in a lair near the bottom of Blighttown. One of the Witch of Izalith's daughters, transformed into a monster by the Flames of Chaos. Her notable siblings are The Fair Lady and Ceaseless Discharge. She guards the second Bell of Awakening, and the entrance to her sister's domain.


It may be worth knowing that she only fought you to protect her sister, who is in a permanent coma-like state So when you enter her sister's domain and talk to her, she thinks you are her sister, which is later revealed if you talk to her whilst wearing the Old Witch's Ring.











Fire Slashes

Quelaag slashes in either direction with her sword. Block or roll to avoid these. These slashes are also angled outwards from her human portion and therefore typically miss if you are very close to the spider's head. Not a huge threat.


Fire Stab

This attack extends straight over the spider's head and has much more range than expected. It usually follows her two close range fire slash attacks, but occasionally will be used by itself. If you are in front of her when she starts winding up for it, either roll backwards or to the side several times, or if you are close enough, simply walk forward, to the right.

The initial stab can also be mostly deflected if you are blocking with a high fire resistance shield, but you will still want to get out of the way of the attack as soon as possible. Can be a significant threat.


Lava Breath

When she pats the spider's head or the spider looks like regurgitating, it's preparing for this attack. She will spit lava on the ground, in an arc around her, leaving pools of molten magma that stagger you and set you on fire, making it difficult to escape the lava once you are trapped in it.

Alternatively, if you are far enough away she may shoot 4-5 balls of lava at you. The animation on this attack can be deceptive, as the actual lava pools often appear farther out from her than where it appeared she was spraying them. These attacks are slow to execute and provide a good opportunity to strafe around to her side and land several melee attacks.


Lava Rush

If she pauses while still some distance from you, watch out and back up! The spider will leap towards you, spitting lava simultaneously. It's very easy to get knocked back into the lava it spits with this attack, if you don't back up far enough. Trying to dodge to the sides is very difficult to do successfully. A better tactic can be to immediately start strafing to one side while she is in midair, as she cannot correct her flightpath once airborne. With a little practice, you should end up beside her and behind her lava spray, giving you another opportunity to land some hits.



She pauses and stomps on one side or the other with her spider legs, causing small damage that is easily dodged or blocked by a shield. The only thing to watch out for is not letting her legs strike you on the head from above, as this can circumvent your shield to knock you down and do more damage. Should not be a significant threat


Fire Spray

On rare occasions, the spider's large abdomen will start to shake and she will spray small clouds of reddish-purple energy around and behind herself in a rough cone shape, similar to but different from, her fire wave attack. Usually occurs when repeatedly attacking her abdomen directly from behind.

Given the rarity of this attack and the fact that anyone behind her in the primary danger zone will not see the windup for it, it can be a real surprise to anyone running up behind her. It must be blocked or dodged at the risk of very serious damage.


Fire Wave

This is her most dangerous attack. Whenever she bends forward and reaches down the sides of the spider's head with her arms she is preparing her large 360 degree AoE attack. Back up as far as you can immediately, while keeping your shield toward her, as this attack has a surprisingly large range, and can either kill players outright or severely wound them and knock them into nearby lava pools.

Melee combatants should get in the habit of attacking her legs rather than her head or body, to give themselves that much more of a cushion of space to escape her fire wave attack, when retreating. She has also been known to spam this attack 2-3 times in a row, which is particularly dangerous if you are close to a wall or otherwise unable to retreat. Major threat!

A good fire resistant shield, like the Spider Shield that can be found earlier, will be able to block most of the damage from her AoE attack. When you see her preparing this attack, do not run away with your back to her. Doing so means that this attack will hit from behind and most likely one-shoot you. Instead, stay locked-in, raise your shield, and back away while facing her.


Core Strategy

Stay to her front sides, waiting for her to spew lava so that you have time to do some damage. She dramatically telegraphs her moves so after a few attempts, you'll understand and get used to them. It is also important to note that:

  • Weak Against Lightning
  • Immune to Fire (notably Pyromancies)
  • Arrows or other projectiles (such as throwing daggers) to the female body make Quelaag stagger

As soon as you enter the boss arena, move; get out of the entrance area as Quelaag may leap or charge on the character, often resulting in the player becoming pinned near the entrance and leaving them unable to avoid her attacks. It is generally easier to focus on attacking her legs rather than her body, as this allows you to retreat more quickly and also avoid getting trapped between her legs and her body when she starts turning or jumps.

It is also possible to dodge all three of her sword attacks if you time it right. Just make sure to dodge to your right for the first two attacks, otherwise they'll both hit you. Simply walk forward and to the right to avoid the thrust attack; you can take advantage of that moment to clobber her with a strong attack. Typically she'll jump back after that; if she doesn't, there's a good chance she's about to use her Fire Wave attack, so back up quickly and block (which will absorb some of the damage if you don't get clear far enough). 

Making her spit lava pools near the sides of the room drastically gives melee players more space in the middle of the room, making it easier to avoid her AoE attacks and block/dodge. Be sure to switch out of targeting her, when appropriate, as her attacks may put you in a tight situation and you may be forced to flee. Also be careful that she doesn't use the Lava Rush attack while getting close to you.

Do not attack her from behind, not only she has a special AoE attack from behind that will one-shot you, but you also need to keep her human half in sight. All the tells from her attacks will come from her human half, so it's best to attack her on her sides, near her human body, so you antcipate the attacks.



Try aiming for fire and physical resistance. A shield like the Black Knight Shield or the Spider Shield found earlier in the game, should do the trick, while a fire/physical resistance-focused armor can be utilized, as this helps stop much of the damage from her fire AoE attack. The Flash Sweat pyromancy is also extremely helpful both against her direct attacks and in case you get knocked into her lava pools, but may require re-application during the fight. A strong weapon (recommended 180 min) can do be effective against her as her health drops relatively quickly.


Bow & Arrows

As soon as the fight starts run to the stairs that Quelaag comes down from. To the left of them, is a small walkway that goes up; stand in there and shoot her to death, making sure to target her human half. It is possible that she may still use the AoE blast or spit lava at you, but generally she cannot reach you if you keep staggering her with arrows.


Great Scythe (stagger exploit)

Attacking Quelaag’s upper body can stagger her, and one of – if not THE – easiest weapons to achieve that with is Great Scythe. Its 1H R1 (one-handed light attack) is a downward slash that covers a huge vertical arc almost reaching up to Quelaag’s head. Its moveset is also very cost efficient stamina-wise, enabling every build capable of one-handing it to exploit its strength. The best way to hit Quelaag with this method is standing directly in front of her, swinging the scythe before she has time to attack. Your next attack needs to hit her after she has fully recovered from her stagger, meaning you will have to push R1 just before the end of her recovery. With correct timing, you can easily stun-lock her to death.




For those having trouble with Quelaag, one way in which the fight can be made easier is to go into human form while in the swamps at the bottom of Blighttown. An NPC dark phantom called Maneater Mildred will invade - her reasonably slow attacks and lack of armor make her a fairly simple foe. Once she has been dealt with, her summon sign will become available outside the fog gate leading to Quelaag for those still in human form. She is an effective meat shield and seems oddly resistant to Quelaag's lava and fire wave attack, and helps further by dishing out a not inconsiderable amount of damage. As such, Mildred's help can prove invaluable to those otherwise having difficulty.

Player summons from the nearby bonfire at the bottom of Blighttown can also make this fight easier than even a typical multiplayer boss fight. Quelaag's AI can be unstable when she has multiple foes to choose from, and she often abandons pursuit of one target when another injures her (also allowing players to rescue one another if one gets trapped by her).

Given her fairly slow turn speed and the long windup of most of her attacks, it is easy to trap her in her own aggro cycle by having one player attack her a few times and then retreat so that another player may then attack her from her rear or sides, usually causing her to try to turn around and go after the latest attacker, which then leaves her open to other attacks by the initial attacker and so on. This is particularly effective if one or more foes is using ranged spells or miracles such as lightning spears, as multiple close melee attackers remain vulnerable to her powerful fire wave attack, which has a 360 degree area of effect and a large radius.

By effectively resetting Quelaag's focus by having other players hurt her whenever she starts concentrating on a particular player, it is not uncommon to kill her without anyone taking any damage. One side effect of this tactic is that Quelaag may get so rattled that she ends up boxing herself in with lava spits in a circle around her. Melee characters should consider bringing a ranged weapon such as a bow or throwing daggers to help maintain aggro on her while waiting for the lava moat to start disappearing.

  • The above tactic can be implemented (with a slightly greater degree of difficulty) by simply using Mildred as a 'tank' or sorts. When Queelag is focused on Mildred, strike Queelag while she is distracted and aggro her (much easier with a ranged weapon, such as the short bow). If you time your attacks just right with Mildred's, you will catch Queelag in a similar "aggro loop" as mentioned above, essentially making the game's aggression AI work to its detriment.


quelaag concept art front2 quelaag spider demon tongue front2 quelaag smirk front3

quelaag high detail front1 quelaag furysword swing front1 quelaag spider spit combat front1

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    • Dear my GiantDad fellows who are supposed to kill quelaag early for chaos ember:
      1.Your fire zwei sucks balls against her. Just grab the butcher knife,summon mildred and focus on taking her attention while mildred is the main source of damage.
      Your damage output is low but it has got some healing and it's less risky than zwei swings.

      2. try gravelord dance miracle since bandit has 10 fth already, buy throlound talisman for high damage at low fth and when she focuses on mildred cast the miracle, it sould cast 3 times but hit more because of her size. Then you just run out of magic and continue strategy 1.
      Gold pine resin can also do good if you can afford using all 3 and survive.

      • Anonymous

        Fun fact, if this exhibitionist spider dies at the same time you'll still get the souls thank ****ing god.

        • Anonymous

          I did the sen's skip,went to anor londo,got the lordvessel,accessed the dee ell see,defeated artorias,got the black flame pyromancy because I just wanted to defeat quelaag in NG with pyromancies only!

          • I've been farming this boos in coop to get the humanities for the chaos covenant. Here's the most common mistakes I've witnessed :
            - Equip a fire resistant shield (like the spider shield) and use it for Chaos' sake ! All of her attacks, even her aoe can be blocked pretty effectively with a good shield. A fire resistant shield is your best friend in this fight.
            - When she does her aeo, don't start running away ! Doing so, the blast will caught you from behind and one-shot you. Instead, stay locked-in, raise you shield and simply back away while facing her. Even if you're still in range, your shield will absorb most of the damage.
            - Don't fight her from behind ! Not only you need to keep her human-half in sight so you can anticipate her attacks, but she also have a small farting aoe attack from behind that will caught you off guard. Attack her from the side while keeping her human half in sight.
            - Don't fight her if there is too much lava around her. It's really easy to get trap between her and lava. The arena is pretty big. So, if there is too much lava around her, simple bait her to another part of the arena, or wait for the lava to disappear.
            - If you summon other players to the fight, wait for them to appear before starting the fight. Nothing is more infuriating than getting hit by lava barf while exiting the fog gate because the host didn't want to wait 30 seconde for players to arrive...

            • Anonymous

              Honestly a terrible house guest, when I walked in she wasn't even dressed, and instead of telling me to leave the room, she locked me in and tried to kill me. Like jesus lock the door if you need me to wait outside.

              • Anonymous

                This boss is f***ing s***!!! She f***s me with her f***ing unreactable explosion f***ing bulls***!!! Miyazaki is a f***ing moron!!!

                • Anonymous

                  For the wrong things, that is. Why just focus on quelaag when you you anthropomorphism like Priscilla, or femboys like Gwendolyn, or even DILFS like gwyn? Let’s not forget gwynevere’s GIGANTIC personality!

                  • Anonymous

                    Personal 2nd easiest boss, after the ass demon. (Based on my ease of beating them to death with my bare hands.)

                    • Hey guys to the people who struggle against this boss fight here's some pro tips from yours truly SoC Gaming a true gamer for the gamers so lets begin shall we?
                      1.go past the fog gate and watch the cutscene just to see her t!ts
                      2.homeward boner out
                      3.walk all the way to the great hollow
                      4.take the plunge to ash lake you wont die
                      5.walk all the way too where the everlasting dragon is
                      6.politely ask him to move a side a bit
                      7. see an American flag with his ass print on it
                      8.climb the great hollow tree DO NOT WALK ON THE TREE BRANCHES this is important because while the American flag is in your inventory you need to prove that your an absolute fu3cking unit so taking the hard way by climbing a tree rather than walking is a way to prove that OR you could beat pinwheel to show that too
                      9.the flag will now be able to be equipped as a weapon so do that
                      10. run around waving the flag for 3 minutes to show your patriotism
                      11.a C-130 will air drop a fully loaded M1-ABRAMS onto the swamp of blighttown
                      12.get in
             to queelag boss room
                      14.blast her with an anti tank shell
                      1.there will be in AR-15 in the driver seat of the abrams
                      2.grab it and get out of the tank
                      3.ring the second bell
                      4. shoot the ghost wall
                      5.shoot the simp until your clip is empty
                      7.throw a frag grenade to the poorly hygiene lady
             sunny d upgrade

                      • Anonymous

                        This was my first true wall in my Souls experience. I died close to thirty times in that first play through. Played DS1 for my big blitz through the series in the lead up to me playing Elden Ring. Got hit once by her thrust but first attempt. Stay away from the front and mind your surroundings. Stepping in the lava or rolling into it will lead to needless deaths

                        • Anonymous

                          Seeing the human part of this boss proves From knows how to render a woman's body, yet the player character female looks like a man.

                          • Anonymous

                            I went into this boss with a drake sword thinking she was just super tanky. Next time though I want to try ranged shooting her with arrows. Sounds like a fun strat.

                            • Anonymous

                              The boss would be easy af if not for her filling the whole room with lava puddles preventing you from evading the explosions. Each attempt has ended in 1-2 minutes when there's very little space left and my dodge roll ends up in either a wall or a puddle...

                              • Anonymous

                                Easiest boss till now on (first playthrough). Got a dex 30 build with 20 vig and 20 endurance. And +9 scimitar

                                • Anonymous

                                  Huh yes she is pretty but the whole spider thing erm I think will just ask for your sister instead

                                  Sees sister

                                  God damnit !

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Queelag. I will kill you undead

                                    Me erm you carnt because I’m literally looking after your sister by bringing her humanity which I don’t see you doing so

                                    • Anonymous

                                      For anyone wondering, she has a really high resistance to poison/toxic and normal resistance (if not slightly higher than normal) to bleed

                                      • Is it possible to poison her? I'm doing a Pyro only run, and I'd rather not be totally useless while Mildred does all the work.

                                        Otherwise, it's looking like I'll have to deathcam skip for this bell or to get to Sen's and come back later.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Fire spray rare my ass. If you are like me and stuck to her back most of the time, you really only died to repeat chains of that one move.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Finally tried doing her without a summoning in my NG+ run and none of her sword swings hit me when I fast roll but that explodey thing she does often hit me while behind her smacking her nasty spider butt with my +14 Mace. I'm probably too greedy

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Was running from the Chaos bonfire to the great hollows at lvl 60 to get my last two chunks of red titanite. Decided to be throw down a summoning sign just for spits and giggles thinking "you never know". Well I be darned if I didn't get summoned naked while fighting the pyro trainer half way. I was pretty shocked that someone needed help at that level, or even that someone was fighting her within my summoning range. Maybe they were in the new game +'s? Needless to say I though I'd never see that tantalizing cut scene of her with this character but I guess never say never!

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I've done several playthroughs and decided to challenge myself a little more with the level 60 sorcery invasion build I've been working on. I stopped at level 33 and managed to get all the dark sorceries from PTD. Now I leave my summon sign down by this boss and the fight lasts about 20 seconds. 4 rounds of dark bead with the Crown of Dusk, Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring and Power Within does the trick (over 1300 damage if all orbs hit). It might take the fun of the fight out for the summoner but it's darn rewarding to see what a low level build can do.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  I died to her lava but Mildred killed her literally a second after. I was confused and went back to the arena unfortunately it didn’t count as a win and I had to kill her again :(

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Possibly my favorite boss fight. I'd seen her fought before, but never fought her myself. I went in there with a Dark Hand (since, by the time I got to her, I'd already been to Ash Lake and went as far into the Tomb of Giants, etc., so I had really gnarly damage output and liked the flat 200 AR of the Dark Hand to limit myself) and managed to beat her without taking a hit. I liked the fight so much that I created a backup copy of my save from before fighting her, just so I could do it again and again with different weapons. Parrying Dagger was fun, but even at +10 it took a crap ton of hits. There's even a cheese spot on the left side of the room (halfway into the room) that you can jump to where she can't reach you with anything aside from her lava spit, and you can just shoot magic or arrows at her sexy af torso to keep her stunned until death. -ShinkuNoYami (I should make an account)

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      so this is my first time playing dark souls ever, just ran past every enemy from the first bonfire at blighttown all the way to her domain with bad fps somehow (took me a few trys), and managed to beat her w/ zweihander first try, i did look at a guide on how to fight her but it was a while ago so i didnt really remember how, god bless rng, truly a miracle.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        what I used as equipment is; the stone giant chest, legs, and arms and the gargoyle head helm with either a BK shield or the dragon crest shield and usually the BK sword. although, if you killed the merchant in the undead burg and upgraded the uchigatana he drops, you might find it to be quite useful as well since it has quick strikes and can cause bleed.

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