Cleric is a starting Class in Dark Souls

Cleric on pilgrimage. Wields a mace. Casts healing miracles.


Cleric Starting Equipment



Notes About This Class

  • As you'd expect, the Cleric is ideal for players that want to use Faith over other stats, or perhaps both Strength and Faith. While lacking in strong offensive miracles early on, the Cleric will have access to plenty of healing and other support tools, making it a good choice for new players.
  • The Cleric is one of two classes that start with the Way of White covenant, along with the Knight. This makes them match more often with other co-op covenants and less often with hostile invasion covenants, making gameplay a little easier for new players who aren't ready for PvP yet.


Builds That Use This Class

  • The Cleric is best suited for builds that focus purely on Faith or combine Strength and Faith or Dexterity and Faith. 

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    • Anonymous

      Jack of all trades build:

      Soul level 120
      30 VIT
      16 ATN
      40 END
      27 STR
      40 DEX
      30 FTH

      Weapons and armors is up to your choice, cleric already starts with the best talisman for this build.

      Power Within and Sunlight Blade are a must have.

      • Anonymous

        ive calculated it with soulsplanner: at just soul level 73 it is possible to have 50 vitality, 12 attunement, 27 strength and 30 faith, which means you can have a max powered great club while two handed and can buff it with sunlight blade plus power within and you already have the best talisman since you start with it, besides red tearstone strats this should be the most damaging build you can possibly run at that soul level. (well you could go lower than 50 vitality, but i dont like low vitality builds) so cleric might not be that bad of a starting class after all. with this build you should be able to stand still infront of every boss in the game and just press r1 until it dies, pretty sure even manus and kalameet shouldnt be able to do anything. (provided that you run full havels with fap and havel rings, which you should, doesnt matter that you fatroll, since you dont need to roll at all)

        • Anonymous

          It should be mentioned that this class is very suitable for beginners. It starts with a good weapon, has healing miracles and you can divide your abilities into vitality, endurance and strength. With 25 Faith and 15 Attunement you also have early access to Lightning. A divine mace is very effective against skeletons and makes exploring the catacombs relatively easier. But here's a little piece of advice to the novices among you: if someone asks you whether you're a cleric, you say NO!

          • Anonymous

            an OP early cleric build is easy. once you go to firelink, go to new londo ruins by going down the elevator then you take a right to another building. make sure you chose the master key so you can open the door. once you do, go across the plank bridge to a ledge. hug the wall and go left until you find a undead dragon sneak up to it and get the two pieces of loot in its first claw. bail out and level dex until you can wield astoras straight sword. progress through the aqueduct and progress until you find blacksmith Andre in undead parish. purchase the caestus and upgrade it five times. this will need nine titanite shards. then go into the blacksmiths basement and run past the demon to darkroot garden. kill or run past the ents and go to an area with some ruins. go down the path next to the door with a glowing lock and run past the stone giants to some more ruins. go in the tower and go into the fog gate. kill the moonlight butterfly and run to the end of the arena. there will be a tower. go up the stairs until you find a petrified blacksmith. get the divine ember and bone out. give the ember to andre then take the elevator in the church to firelink. go back to the valley of drakes and take a right to blighttown. go down all the ladders to the swamp and farm some leeches. once you have at least nine green titanite shards go back to andre. pick the modify weapon and make the caestus a divine caestus. then make it plus five divine and you have a immensly powerful faith scaling weapon. enjoy!

            • Anonymous

              This site is incredibly helpful for noobs like me who just wanna learn the basics and jump into the game! But one tiny suggestion about using only the stat icons and no text labels for the stats in the list of starting values - it does look better, but it might be a bit confusing for noobs, who are most of the traffic on a basic class page like this to begin with. It'd only take a couple of minutes to add tooltips to the icons that identified the stats when users moused over them, and it'd be really helpful for absolute noobs as some of the icons aren't immediately obvious. In any case, thanks to everyone who's contributed to this site, it's been a great resource.

              • Anonymous

                A cleric could easily be a dexterity build. Use pyromancy until you get wrath of the gods. Remember dexterity makes you cast spells quicker and most dexterity weapons require a little strength to use. You don't always have to be meta to win lol

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