Cleric is a starting Class in Dark Souls

Cleric on pilgrimage. Wields a mace. Casts healing miracles.


Cleric Starting Equipment



Notes About This Class

  • As you'd expect, the Cleric is ideal for players that want to use Faith over other stats, or perhaps both Strength and Faith. While lacking in strong offensive miracles early on, the Cleric will have access to plenty of healing and other support tools, making it a good choice for new players.
  • The Cleric is one of two classes that start with the Way of White covenant, along with the Knight. This makes them match more often with other co-op covenants and less often with hostile invasion covenants, making gameplay a little easier for new players who aren't ready for PvP yet.


Builds That Use This Class

  • The Cleric is best suited for builds that focus purely on Faith or combine Strength and Faith. Use 50 Faith for pure Faith, or 30 Faith and 40 Strength for both.

    • Anonymous

      30 Dec 2018 13:09  

      A cleric could easily be a dexterity build. Use pyromancy until you get wrath of the gods. Remember dexterity makes you cast spells quicker and most dexterity weapons require a little strength to use. You don't always have to be meta to win lol

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