Created by: ResMar
Soul Level: 60
Starting Class: Cleric


  • Strong PvE and co op build that can return hits and heal off damage.
  • Does surprisingly well in PvP as well: do not underestimate the power of poking people with long-range spears while staying safe behind your Shield and Replenishment.


  • Hard to prioritize stat building, since you need decent levels in all of them.



Your first few level investments should be in Strength and Dexterity: you want 13 and 15, respectively, in order to wield your first spear, the Winged Spear. Upon arriving at Firelink Shrine you should run into the graveyard and retrieve the Winged Spear from the grave with the giant skeleton adjacent. After running away from the skeletons - you can't possibly fight them yet - or making them roll off the cliff face, head for the rightmost ruins and talk to Petrus of Thorolund; answer his questions with "yes" to access his store of miracles, although you don't need any of them just yet. Head up the stairs and jump across at the top to the roof of the ruined church, then drop down behind it to find four treasure chests, one of which contains your Talisman. You probably can't wield your Winged Spear yet, so just use the Mace and head for Undead Burg. Once you have the stats, swap to the spear. Be sure to talk to Solaire of Astora at the bridge once you reach him, and receive your White Sign Soapstone for jolly co op purposes.
In the Undead Parish, clear out the initial area then aggro the Black Knight standing at the top of the tower entryway and make a dash for the further of the two fires lit in the courtyard. The Knight will try to attack you through the flame, but eventually die from fire damage from hitting the bonfire; just keep your shield up and the fire between him and you. Retrieve his Black Knight Shield. Once you reach Blacksmith Andrei, save at the bonfire then head down and run past the Titanite Demon to the entrance to Darkroot Garden; give him a wide bearth and avoid his lightning attack, and you should be fine; he's far too difficult a foe to fight just now. Press forward through the Ents (easy foes) in your path and hit the wall at the far side, near the magically sealed door, to reveal a bonfire. Make a right and run through until you reach an open area with a corpse. Run to it, grab the items (your best choice of armor, the Elite Knight Set) then foot it out of there, as it's guarded by a number of Ents and Stone Knights you simply can't deal with right now. Return to the Undead Parish - skipping past the Titanite Demon is easier from behind him - and continue onwards in your new armor.
Invest a point into Faith (you should have more than enough strength and dexterity to wield your spear now) to hit 15 and help at least two other players kill the Bell Gargoyles to reduce the Warrior of Sunlight requirement to 15 faith. Make a detour back to the Wvyren's bridge and activate the Sunlight Altar; if you got to the Parish through the underside of the bridge, stand by the stairway down from the surface and wait for the Wvyren to take off, then make a mad dash for the other side. You should be able to make it to the other side unharmed. Pray to the altar to enter the covenant and receive your Lightning Spear, then circle back around to continue with your quest. In the Firelink Shrine again, I recommend you buy Force from Thorolund; while not strictly necessary, it's helpful in places and will hold you over in terms of spells for a while. Knight Lautrec appears at the shrine as well, carrying a ring that will eventually be useful for your set, the Ring of Favor and Protection. You can kill him now if you're impatient, but the more interesting approach is to leave him alive until you have to kill him as part of the storyline later.
This build really gels once you reach Anor Londo, a distant point from where you are now. Once you kill the Capra Demon, Reah of Thorolund will appear at the shrine selling a couple of useful miracles at cheaper rates than Petrus; nonetheless she will still be there when you get back with your Lordvessel from Anor Londo, you should be focusing on the physical part of your build fist, and it's an annoying detour to get back to her, so just keep going for now. Get through The Depths (make sure to pick up the Large Ember here) and Blighttown; focus on buffing Endurance, Vitality, and Dexterity for now.
Once you've killed Chaos Witch Quelaag and cleared Blighttown, go up the giant waterwheel and make your way back to Firelink Shrine. You will find (if you did not kill Lutrac before) that Anastacia of Astora has been killed and Lutrac has disappeared; grab her stuff and the Black Eye Orb and then talk to Reah if you want to get some more miracles. Get back to Undead Parish and talk to Andie again, giving him the Large Ember you acquired earlier, and buff your spear as far as you can, as it needs to be +10 to be a candidate for ascension. Clear out Sen's Fortress (try not to miss the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring) and then get transported to the place where your build finally comes together: Anor Londo.
Stuff to do in Anor Londo:

Now that your basic build is in place, you can start dumping points in Faith and getting additional goodies. Warp back to the Firelink Shrine, talk to Reah, and buy up everything she has: this is important as she will disappear into one of the hardest areas of the game quite soon, from where you'll have to retrieve her to buy her miracles. Wrath of the Gods in particular is very good. Start building up the Silver Knight Spear, as this will be your fallback for lightning-resistant enemies. Head to Darkroot Garden again (you can probably kill the Titanite Demon now) and defeat the Moonlight Butterfly; at the top of a tower at the back of the boss area there will be a petrified blacksmith holding a Divine Ember. Take this to Andrie and modify your spear into the divine version. You can then get either the Large Divine Ember or Dark Ember to further buff it as you prefer.

Details (SL 60)

HP Stamina Equip Load Poise
837 160 41.8/84.0 46

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