Counter damage occurs when a target is attacked when in a vulnerable position.
Vulnerable positions include receiving damage when mid swing, being poise broken or shield broken and being attacked from behind without a backstab.
(It is also speculated that Counter damage is also taken into effect when being attacked when idle (Not locked on without blocking) or recovering from a roll.)

How it works:

Receiving Counter damage has two effects:

Bonus Damage

  • Bonus damage is applied to THRUSTING attacks only. (Including multi attack type weapons which have thrust and other attack types like slash)
  • Bonus damage is calculated by your attacking weapon's damage multiplied by a factor of 1.5 (150%). (Speculation)
  • This damage bonus can be further increased to x1.9 (190%) damage (40% additional bonus damage) with the Leo Ring.

Bonus Poise Break

  • Attacking with any type of weapon during this time has an increased poise break value.
  • Weapon poise damage is speculated to double when being hit by one of these attacks.
  • This poise break bonus can stagger you mid attack and cancel your attack.
  • This bonus can cause lighter weapons to break your poise whereas if you were attacked normally it would not.
  • It should also be important to remember that two handing a single weapon increases the poise break damage and can be used to stagger opponents unexpectably.

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