Cracked Red Eye Orb


Invade another world. (Hollows cannot use the item)
Defeat the master of the world you have invaded to acquire humanity.
The Cracked Red Eye Orb allows players to temporarily imitate this ability normally limited to the Darkwraiths of Kaathe.

Cracked Red Eye Orb is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls.

Cracked Red Eye Orb Usage

  • This item will allow you to invade another player's world by force.
    • You must be human to use this item.
    • A successful invasion will consume the item
    • A failed invasion will not consume the item. (patch 1.05)
  • The invader will receive one Humanity if they successfully kill the host.
  • The host will receive one Humanity via a Bloodstain if they are successful.
  • The host may also report the invader, for an indictment upon death, if they have been invaded using this method.
  • Note that it may be greyed out if too close to a bonfire or crossroad to multiple areas.



Cracked Red Eye Orb Location




  • The color of this eye orb is based on the Red Eye Stone, obtained by killing The Maiden in Black in Demon's Souls.
  • Some believe Darkwraiths to be revolutionaries, defenders of the human race, but they might just be evil Humanity.
  • Eye Orbs were likely once derived from Behelits, eyed stones that serve as bridges between worlds Behelit - Berserk.

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