Crestfallen Merchant

The Crestfallen Merchant is a Character in Dark Souls. He sells useful stones for upgrading, and other special items.



  • Located in Sen's Fortress, near the boss area.
    • As you make your way towards the top rooftops of the fortress, you will notice a broken walkway to the left just before you reach the elevator cages.
    • Jump across the gap and the he will be standing in the tower ahead.
    • Video Location Timestamp 22:25



  • 1,000 souls


The Crestfallen Merchant's Shop

Icon Use Price


Black Firebomb
More damage than regular firebombs 500
Green Blossom
Temporarily increases Stamina regeneration rate 1,000


Titanite Shard
Strengthen regular weapon to +5 1,000
Large Titanite Shard
Strengthen regular weapon to +10; Raw weapons to +5 4,000
Green Titanite Shard
Strengthen Magic, Divine and Fire Weapons to +5 5,000


Balder Shield
Tower Shield


Standard Arrow
Standard Bolt
Large Arrow
Higher Damage/Less Range 50
Feather Arrow
Less Damage/Higher Range 100
Heavy Bolt
Sniper Bolt


Balder Helm
Medium Armor 5,000
Balder Armor
Medium Armor 8,000
Balder Gauntlets
Medium Armor 5,000
Balder Leggings
Medium Armor 5,000
Steel Helm
Medium Armor 5,000
Steel Armor
Medium Armor 8,000
Steel Gauntlets
Medium Armor 5,000
Steel Leggings
Medium Armor 5,000
Catarina Helm
Heavy Armor 10,000
Catarina Armor
Heavy Armor 10,000
Catarina Gauntlets
Heavy Armor 7,000
Catarina Leggings
Heavy Armor 7,000


Thunder Stoneplate Ring
Increases resistance to Lightning by 50 15,000
Spell Stoneplate Ring
Increases resistance to Magic by 50 15,000


Character Info



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    • Anonymous

      Salty mf. Weaklings acting like he is the strongest. He is certainly is envious of us, an undead, smaller than him, is able to get to the top of sens fortress.

      • Anonymous

        I dunno why but this is the NPC I felt the worst about for killing. It might have been the utterly heart-wrenching way he says 'help me' during his death animation that made me feel like crap for a week afterwards

        • Anonymous

          The only way this dude could have gotten into his tower has to have been his levatation powers, there's just no other way

          • Anonymous

            The jump to get to him is, well, annoying, but it's nice to be able to pick up the Balder shield/leggings without farming for them.

            • Anonymous

              The reason why he is so nihilistic and cynical could be because he is the last of the undead Berenike Knights. In the armor description it states that many knights from Berenike went to Lordran to protect the undead from the hollows, but then they became hollow themselves. You fight one of them in the Undead Parish church and theres a guy in Sen's also. (They are the big guys with the huge shields). Or he could have just stolen the armor he is wearing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

              • Anonymous

                Just a thought but could this guy along with everyone else who wears the steel armor and carries the tower shield be a berenike knight since tarkus is the mightiest of them hence why all of his stuff is "better" than the normal steel armor and his armor is heavier so could he be one of the people who failed at throwing themselves at sen's fortress along with everyone else there save for the giants like the elite knight and the knight on the corner of one of the roof walkways could they have been going to anor londo but not went through yet but the merchant was close to tarkus yet didn't make it through with him or maybe after hearing of the death of tarkus he became crestfallen

                • Anonymous

                  This man is a prime example of cynicism done WRONG. No charm, all complaints and an ugly armor set. Truly sad.

                  • Anonymous

                    Is he a darkmoon blade covenent member too? I watched in a video where he and the anor londo fire keeper attack the player after the player attack the (gwynevere)boob goddess

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