Crown of Dusk

icon_prot_phy.png 5 icon_res_poise.png 0
5 icon_res_bleed.png 5
5 icon_res_poison.png 5
5 icon_res_curse.png 20
icon_prot_magi.png 11 150
icon_prot_fire.png 2 0.4
icon_prot_lightn.png 6    

Crown of Dusk is a Helm in Dark Souls.


Crown of Dusk Description

"Special magic crown bestowed upon Dusk, Princess of Oolacile, upon her birth. Its wearer is blessed by all manner of magic. This raises the power and effect of the wearer's magic, but damage suffered by magic attack also rises."



Where to Find \ Location

  • Found in Darkroot Basin, after saving Dusk of Oolacile. Kill the Golden Crystal Golem in the back of the Darkroot Basin cave (far behind the Hydra), go back to where the corpse was in front of the Hydra, and summon her (you DO NOT have to be in human form), then return to where you found the golem. You will find the set there.






    • Anonymous

      07 Nov 2017 21:56  

      Hey guys
      Right After I summoned dusk a golem killed her -.- couldnt even Talk to her...
      Her armor Set now isnt there. Is it lost forever?

      • Anonymous

        16 Jul 2017 10:03  

        So I apparently her summon sign is gone if you obtain the Broken Pendant before freeing her, so I can't summon her to talk to her (or buy stuff) and now I can't get the Crown...? God this game pisses me off sometimes with its over-complicated and cryptic conditions that need to be met to obtain stuff, or you completely lose the ability to get it. Can I still get the crown if I defeat Manus then talk to her? I really want that crown for my pyromancy build when I do shard runs.

        • Anonymous

          05 Jul 2017 23:54  

          Wearing the crown gives a small souls increase when killing with spells. Tested with/without crown and spells/melee kills.

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