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It was in a relatively large library where a pony by the name of Twilight Sparkle read her books. It wasn't until after her latest book was finished that she stumbled upon a strange book with no title, all that could be found was a picture of what seemed to be an eclipse on the front of the book. She questioned herself on where the book had come from, as she had no memory of purchasing it. After minutes of questioning herself she mustered up some of her courage and opened the book. Inside there were several details of the ‘darkness of humanity' one day overtaking not just her world but the universe itself. After reading through the book she knew what she would have to do. Stop the darkness within the land known as Lordran from taking over.

She hurried to the rest of her friends explaining as best as she could in an exasperated voice about the prophecy. After an hour of convincing, she and the ponies she convinced set out to the land of Lordran. It wasn't until days upon days of travel that the ponies had realized that they might not be enough to stop the darkness in Lordran it was because of this that Twilight split the ponies up in order to gain non-pony support from other parts of the universe in order to stop the darkness.

Once they had finally set their feet and hooves into Lordran that they had come across others willing to hear their plea. Once they had explained they realized that even some of the residents of this land itself wanted to stop the encroaching darkness that came from ‘The Abyss'. Arming themselves the ponies vowed to help these people in their hour of need so the darkness from the Abyss would not take over the universe.

However it only took days before they found new enemies that opposed them these enemies, who had only the darkest intentions within their hearts, vowed to destroy the ponies and their allies at all costs. Where the origins of such men and creatures came from could were unrecognizable but it could only be assumed that they were from the Abyss itself. Now after only days of presence within Lordran the ponies had gained a strong set of enemies and allies, starting a war between the dark forces of Lordran.

However even with the allies and friends they have made the ponies and their allies from other worlds still remain cautious, as many of their alliances made within Lordran are still shrouded in mystery. Yet, they had to take what they could get so they could one day put an end to what seemed to be a very violent struggle towards a better universe. Even then though, the forces that allied with the darkness of Lordran still gain in power and numbers readying for a war between the Cult of Friendship.


  1. Do not gank or hack in the name of the covenant.

  2. Do not harass or threaten forum members and players in the name of the covenant.
  3. Have fun, it's a core rule here.
  4. Do not derail this thread, in any way. You will receive a warning for your first offense and a ban for your second offense.

Follower of Friendship = Join the covenant
True Cultist = Participate in an event
Warrior of the Six = Post two of your builds.
Lunar General = Organize an event

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