This build uses Power within, then uses HP regenerating weapons and the lingering dragoncrest ring to spread the HP loss and extend the buffs used in this build.

Main elements utilized in this build:

  • ===Server+15 > regenerates 7 HP per hit.===

  • ===Sanctus+14 > regenerates 2 HP per/ 2 sec. Pointless in upgraded to +15, as the stability doesn't improve.===

  • ===Lingering dragoncrest ring > spreads Power within's effect by +50%, this means that the damage itself is spread, and will be weaker.===

  • Power within > drains HP per/sec, but adds +40% Atk. boost, damage is nullified via equipment stated above. Use an un-upgraded flame.

  • ===Darkmoon blade > doesn't have anything to do with the HP drain, but since the damage on the Server is generally weak, this will grant additional damage.===

  • ===Replenishment> regenerates 10 HP per/sec, duration: 60 seconds. That's 600 HP, the HP loss will be so slow. On most of my character's, I use the Red tearstone ring, but since the HP will regenerate so fast, this build won't use it. This is a miracle.===

  • Dark wood grain ring > when below 50% equip. load, movement will be as if you're under 25% equip. load, grants a special roll/back-step into "Ninja flips."

  • Mask of the Mother> additional +15% HP

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