Dark Bead

Dark Bead.png
Spell Type Sorcery
icon_intelligence.png 16
Slots Used 1
Spell Uses 6

Dark Bead is a Sorcery in Dark Souls. To cast a sorcery, you must use a Catalyst or Special Weapons that can cast Sorceries


Abyss sorcery discovered by an Oolacile sorcerer on the brink of madness. Fires successive Dark Orbs.
In contrast to standard soul sorceries, Abyss sorcery is weighty and inflict physical damage. Perhaps a human soul is closer to matter in its humanity.



  • Ranged Attack
  • Fires 7 small magical orbs in a horizontal pattern.
  • Out of all of the sorceries this is by far the fastest spell. When all 7 orbs hit at close range the damage makes it one of the strongest spells in the game. One of the best spells to use at close range.




  • Dark Sorceries deal a combination of physical and magic damage. The magic damage is determined by the INT scaling of your catalyst (as with normal sorceries), and the physical damage is determined by the STR and DEX scaling of your catalyst.
  • This extra physical damage is not shown on your catalyst, and is a hidden stat.
  • Two-handing the catalyst does not increase the physical damage of Dark Sorceries.
  • Especially effective against bosses, because of their size, all projectiles will hit them most of the time, achieving maximum damage.


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    • Anonymous

      22 Jun 2018 06:17  

      Join us at easytopunishdotcom as almost everyone spams this spell like brainless sheep, assuming for it to erase all their hardships in the game without a second thought on improving their gameplay instead.


      Wait, people actually get hit by this? Have they located the roll button?
      (Random gibberish on phone)
      Yeah? Hmmh... Have they considered to Git Gud?
      (Gibberish intensifies)
      I know, the meme isn't outdated at all.

      • Anonymous

        05 Jun 2018 04:22  

        Possibly one of the most cancerous sorcerers in the history of the soul series. Twats who spam this in pvp are very fun

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