Dark Wood Grain Ring

This special ring crafted in an Eastern land is made of gold, but with a wood grain crest
on its surface. Agents of subterfuge in this faraway land are particularly fond of the
dark gold wood grain, which greatly alters its wearer's rolling action.

Dark Wood Grain Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Players can equip up to 2 Rings, but equipping two of the same item is not possible.


  • Changes your dodge/roll to a faster cartwheel-esque flip that covers more ground, but only when you're at 25% or less of your total equip load.(patch 1.06). Increases invulnerability frames from 12 frames to 14 frames; character recovers from roll faster from 12 frames to 8 frames. While flipping across lava you take (roughly) half as much damage from lava as you would when you would run.


Acquired from



  • You need to join the Forest Hunter covenant for the ninja bodyguard to appear.
  • Attacking the bodyguard breaks the Forest Hunter covenant. This includes kicking him off of the ledge that he stands near.
  • If the bodyguard dies and for some reason you don't get to pick up his soul, quit and reload game and his soul should appear directly behind the building Alvina waits in. Of course, if you kill him in Blighttown and are unable to pickup, you will find his soul where he was standing in that area, behind the little wall in the poison swamp.
  •  After killing the bodyguard only, you can absolve your sins, rejoin the clan and still buy weapons from Shiva.
  • Rolling the right way over the corpses of lighter enemies while wearing this ring allows you to launch your enemies’ corpses into the air and down cliffs, which is a good way to relieve yourself from the boredom of farming.




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    • Anonymous

      24 Feb 2021 09:43  

      I fought the Ninja at an early point in the game, got killed and he wont spawn back. Is there anyway I could still get the ring?

      • Anonymous

        27 Jan 2021 23:29  

        I don’t understand, I’ve used the cragspider method in the past with no issues but this time it just get hitting shiva with the flame more often than the bodyguard even though I kept the exact same positioning where I stand right in front of the ninja and block the flame breath so it chip damages me but fully damages him. I had to reload twice and even with those 3 attempts it still kept damaging shiva even though it didn’t at all in past successful attempts and eventually he died before the ninja did. I’m not trying that again on future runs

        • Anonymous

          30 Sep 2020 11:17  

          It's so obscure, how could anyone who has not looked at the wiki decide, "oh i'm just going to kill that transparent ninja dude behind the merchant that belongs to the covenant i just joined"

          • Anonymous

            13 Apr 2020 19:34  

            For whatever reason, the ring stops functioningwhen the player is in water making it useless in certain cases, most notably the sanctuary guardian fight.

            • Anonymous

              28 Jan 2019 23:54  

              Funny how at some point game breaking item with 1 patch was turned into novelty item. I still remember ninja flipping havel monsters with BK weapons.

              • Anonymous

                18 Jan 2019 22:22  

                still super possible to kick the ninja off the edge of the cliff in darkwood instead of Blightown on remastered if anyones wondering

                • Anonymous

                  06 Aug 2018 17:38  

                  I killed shiva in darkroot garden but he didnt drop the ring. Only his sword and shield. He is supposed to drop it right?

                  • Anonymous

                    20 Jun 2018 04:39  

                    FYI I just tried the Cragspider trick (get the Cragspider to kill the ninja) and it still aggro'd Shiva, but only after the ninja died. Could be because I attacked the Cragspider back? In any case, proceed with caution.

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Feb 2018 01:56  

                      If you max out Endurance, wear this ring and Havel's, you can use the entire Havel set and still ninja flip. you can only use a few weapons with the space left (shortsword brings it up to 24.9%)

                      • Anonymous

                        06 Jan 2018 02:19  

                        Ninja flip ninja flip Ninja flip ninja flip Ninja flip ninja flip Ninja flip ninja flip Ninja flip ninja flip Ninja flip ninja flip Ninja flip ninja flip Ninja flip ninja flip

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