Combines both Dex and Str to get the best scaling from the Great lord Greatsword+5, Achieves High damage by using power within + Red tearstone ring, which gives a whoppin' +90% Atk. Boost! Mixes Light and heavy armor's to Optimize poise, defense and weight, Also includes the underrated yet very powerful Lightning Heavy crossbow+5 w/ Lightning bolts. Contains 2 pieces of Havel's Armor and the Brigand's Armor+10.

Covenant Choices ( No choices lol )

- Darkwraith+2 / 1 > It's Kind've Pointless to get +3 because you're not going to use the Dark hand.


RH 1-Great lord Greatsword+5 > Scales Equally for Dex / Str, D for both but the Base Dmg. makes up for that, Has 50% of the Claymore's Moveset and Basically a slower version of the Bastard sword's R2 / RT's. With Power within + Red tearstone ring, AR is; 1089, That's very strong for a weapon that has a relatively Fast R1 / RB, Without those 2 Powerful pieces of equipment / Spells, the AR is, 519, Which is above the Claymore+15, It's range is also longer, weighs 8.0 and Can Stun-Lock very easy.
RH 2-Lightning Heavy Crossbow+5 > Underrated, Doesn't shoot 3 bolts like Avelyn, but does more Damage ea. Shot, Avelyn with each shot does less Damage. AR is, 1098 w/ Ea. Shot w/ Lightning bolts, Power within and Red tearstone ring activated.
LH 1- Caduceus kite shield+15 > Best 3.0 weight, medium shield, Highest 3.0 Stability shield in the game. Same with Tower kite shield but in all goes down to Personal Preference in appearance.
LH 2- Pyromancy flame+0 > Don't upgrade because Power within's Damage Boost is not effected other than more HP loss/ sec.


Helmet: Gold-Hemmed Black hood > This is very light, 1.4, Has 36 poison resistance, Not very great Phys. Defense but good fire defense.

Armor: Brigand's Armor+10 > weighs 3.1, 56 Phys. Defense, Overall Great Defenses for both Phys. / Elem. not very special for bleeding and poison resistance, but Gold-hemmed Black hood and the next 2 pieces of Havel's Armor should cover that.

Gloves: Havel's Gauntlets > 28 poise, 54.0 Phys. Defense, Very good Physical Defenses for all, Very good Magic, Fire and Lightning Resistance.

Leggings: Havel's Leggings > Exact same defenses as the Gauntlets, So you're basically doubling you're defense and poise. Weighs 11.5 both gauntlets and leggings.

- Poise: 56 ( Enough to take on 1H Ultra Greatsword / Greataxe / Great hammer, and 2H Claymore or below ).
- Equipment load: 43.5 / 90 ( Both Weapons / Armor, 50 Endurance + Also allows DWGR ).


SL: 120
Class / Gift :Warrior / Bandit / Hunter
Vit:40 > Standard HP Level.
Att:10 > 1 slot.
End: 50 > 160 Stamina, 90 Equipment load.
Str: 35 > Above 24, because it's a better choice than 24 Str / 50+ Dex.
Dex: 38 > In the end, You're Dex should be Superior compared to you're Str. Because You may need to Parry / Riposte a lot.
Res: 11 / Int: 9 / Fai: 9, All Base ( Hunter / Warrior stats ).


-Red Tearstone ring > +50% Atk. Bonus at ==> 20% HP or lower.

-Darkwood grain ring > ''Ninja flip'' + 25% Movement speed ==> 50% Equipment burden or below.

Strategy / How to's / Etc.

Dex builds: Usually uses Katanas, Rapiers and Daggers. Also most likely has Target shields / Parrying daggers and any shield that usually has low stability and what not, They don't Block very often but parry a lot, Roll + RB / R1 to avoid Backstabbing and to stay difficult to parry.
Str builds: Most have Zweihanders and Black knight greataxe, These are Extremely easy to parry.
Int builds: Roll + 2H RB / R1, to Avoid getting hit by spells because you can roll through them, and hit them afterwards.
Fai Builds: WOTG, These can easily do lot's of damage but can easily be dodged, If they're using a slow weapon parry them, Watch for being in Water and Lightning spears.
How to Parry ( Setup parry ).
  1. Block the first hit and Assume they will attack again.
  2. Parry but always hit LT / L2 Faster than you do in PvE.
  3. Assume you successfully parry Walk forward a bit and Click R1 / RB to riposte.
  4. Follow behind and backstab, this may be cheap but some things get the job done faster + It also is basically doubling you're damage.

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