darkmoon bow 1
Darkmoon Bow +5

physical damage dark souls 127 critical dark souls 100
magic damage dark souls 127 stability dark souls -
fire damage dark souls - durability dark souls 400
lightning damage dark souls - weight dark souls 1.0
Requirements & Bonus
strength dark souls dexterity dark souls intelligence dark souls faith dark souls
7 16 16
Weapon Type Bows
Range 50
Enchantable No
Special No

Darkmoon Bow is a Weapon in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.


Bow born from the soul of the Dark Sun Gwyndolin, Darkmoon deity who watches over the abandoned city of the Gods, Anor Londo.
This golden bow is imbued with powerful magic and is most impressive with Moonlight Arrows."

How to Get / Where to Find the Darkmoon Bow


  • This bow is classified as a short bow. It fires faster than Long bows.
  • Primarily scales with Dex and Faith.
  • It's primarily used for firing Moonlight Arrows, a type of arrow that deals magic damage.
  • Give to Frampt to receive 1000 souls.

Darkmoon Bow Upgrade Table

Unique Upgrades for weapon are performed by all blacksmiths, or with the Weapon Smithbox.
To reach max, you need: 25,000 souls and 10 demon titanite dark souls sDemon Titanite.
Regular Reinforcement Scales 18% for strength dark souls Strength, 32% for dexterity dark souls Dexterity and 50% for faith dark soulsFaith to increase your AR.

  Attack Values Parameter Bonus Auxiliary Effects
Darkmoon Bow physical damage dark souls magic damage dark souls fire damage dark souls lightning damage dark souls strength dark souls dexterity dark souls intelligence dark souls faith dark souls divine dark souls occult dark souls
Regular 80 80 - - E D - D - -
Regular +1 (demon titanite dark souls sx1) 93 93 - - E D - D - -
Regular +2 (demon titanite dark souls sx1) 102 102 - - E D - D - -
Regular +3 (demon titanite dark souls sx2) 110 110 - - E D - D - -
Regular +4 (demon titanite dark souls sx2) 119 119 - - E D - D - -
Regular +5 (demon titanite dark souls sx4) 127 127 - - E D - D - -


Black Bow of Pharis  ♦  Composite Bow  ♦  Longbow  ♦  Short Bow

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    • Anonymous

      Probably the most balanced bow in the game. It has the range of a Longbow and the speed of a Composite Bow, making it very reliable in many scenarios. But in exhange for that reliability it lacks in Scaling and the base damage is lower than even an Occult Longbow.

      But if you have the Moonlight Arrows to spend and the base requirements to wield it then look no further, you can spam enemies with Moonlight Arrows from long distances!

      • Anonymous

        its actually not bad compared to the composite bow. the scaling is not bad but the requirements are a little odd

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          • Anonymous

            I can confirm for any fellow wiki-viewers that this actually has a pretty good damage, for something of its range, but it falls short of the power of the composite bow. Oh well, at least this one is pretty, and requires no strength. (works very well on my faith/intelligence/dexterity build) ... now I must take a good moment to respond to anon-guy-below-me... I can annoyance at the fan theories post on this page since it is just a weapon page, but the way you said it.... it makes you sound like a big fool, while insulting every fan theory on this entire website, and some of us happen to have the right to come to conclusions we like, and we don't have to take this sort of thing from YOU. if you have beef with what is on this page, then do something about it like submit an edit, instead of just being immature while saying someone should commit suicide over something so minor. Good day!

            • Anonymous

              This or tin darkmoon catalyst? I have dex warrior build and i'm thinking about using this to upgrade my bow, any suggestion out there?

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