Darkness and Sunlight

Brief Description: A Covenant based on the faculty of the Hunt. Deriving on the Premise of communication, the usage of tactics in which the Hunters use is mostly based upon their rank and status of being. As it combines it into one, these different Heros and Wanderers venture together and against each other for the sole hunting of the Covenant. As they either derive from Darkness or the Sun, it can be said that these beings are derived for Sport, as well as Chaos and Disparity.

The Ranks of the Covenant

The Ranks are not of the similar fashion, in which increases as it goes. Rather, the Rank is more so a different position withi the roles of the Covenant, in which beings can be changed and shifted threw these Ranks as they progress, being able to go back and Forth. As the Ranks aim for such strides, it can be said that the Covenant focuses on different roles for the Community to Rise.
  • Nexus
  • Infectors

With these different Ranks, each derives upon the usage of doing their part of the covenant, whatever that part might be. As players might change rank inorder for the Covenant to suffice, they try to do their part to make sure that the covenant stays strong.


The main bodiment of the Hunt. The Nexus is the player in which is the Master of the World. Whether it be a Gravelord or a Princess Guard, the Nexus Functions as the general Basis for which they function against players

The Princess Guard Derives on the Support of the Player, rather than the Offense. As the Princess Guard uses Dried Fingers, they have two phantoms hunting one, possibly two phantoms at once. It is less stressful than a Gravelord Nexus, but nonetheless functions the same in general. With the usage of Gwynevre Miracles, they use the premise of Healing Allies when Estus is unneeded, and Using the effect of Drawing enemies threw the Dried Finger than by the Eye of Death

The Gravelord is a different matter all together. Instead of fighting of one or two, the Gravelord can fight over 4 different phantoms in total, if it functions accordingly. However, the Gravelord can also use the partner of a Darkwraith Covenant Companion, or an Invader that is of the same Covenant as the Gravelord is. As the Gravelord also disturbs other worlds with the use of Black Phantoms, the Gravelord hunts down enemies with a more loathsome and challenging experience than the Princess' Guard. However, it is harder for the Gravelord to stand than it is for a Princess' Guard, as the lack of healing specialtis and Numbers overwhelming the Gravelord Nexus does have its effect at time.

In General, the Princess Guard should be used when PvP is uncommon or rare, due to the area or the Soul Level, as the Gravelord is more limited to PvP than the Princess' Guard with a Dried Finger. However, for those who seek for the Hunt, both derive on such things for PvP, and the Nexus is the general basis of which the beings cooperate in.

It is recommended that, if Faithful, to use Divine Weapons in order to do more damage to enemies when you are a Nexus against Invaders of the Master of the World, as well as most enemies in Dark Souls being Undead, or Dead. For those of the Nexus, either other Nexii or Infectors of the covenant can join you for such causes. As the Master of the Host, dropping down rewards for being such will help for your group, and possibly switching from Nexus to another Nexus can leave for a balanced earning. However it is not forced, and only for ideal measures when it comes to switching between Nexii.


The more offensive Hunters. As they hunt for different enemies, they use the premise of Cracked Eye Redstones for the suffice, if not the full Blue or Red Eye Orbs. Also deriving from the usage of Red Soapstones and Dragon Eyes, the Infectors are users in which try to invade other beings world for rewards. As the Infectors, they use different tactics of PvP than the Nexus, being mostly solo in the premise of PvP, and uses the environment and hostiles for their advantage.

As Infectors, they derive on both being summoned and invading as Dark Phantoms. With this, they fight against others in Combat. As the combat is such, Alluring Skulls and Aural Decoy would be the main source of corruption. As they are able to lure certain enemies with the skulls, and most with the sorcery, they derive by using the enemies to help conquer the odds. As they have no bounds of combat other than the minimum underneath them, the Infectors are the basic premise towards Hunting those around them early on, and not bound to the Minimum to Similar SL as the Nexus Beings. In This sense, these beings will focus on the extinguishment of enemies across the world.

Pyromancies such as Toxic Mist, Poison Mist, and Acid Surge would be suffice in order to corrupt and possibly destroy the beings they infect, even if they die before the master does. The usage of Toxic Weapons such as the Gravelord Sword and the Large Club are also good ideas for those who seek to plague enemies, or using such weapons as the occult or the bleeding also helps. Even weapons of magic quality, such as the Dragon Weapons to throw enemies off cliffs, or other sorts of weaponry to use, as long as it hurts and hunts the player down to a pulp. As the infector, also Dung Pies and such also work for such thing sto plague the being, making them waste equipment to survive, as well as full out harass and later destroy them one way or another.

For the Faithful, it is advice for the Infectors to be armed with Occult Weapons, in order to destroy enemies more easily than with other weapons with the extra bonus damage from the Occult. As well, If you see a Nexus being of the same Covenant, you are obliged to either leave the world, after an offering of either Humanity or the Eye of Death if have in the inventory, depending on what Covenant the Nexus Belongs to.

Rules of Engagement:

- Everything Goes
All Equipment, Inventory, Spells, and Weaponry is useable, due able, and accepted. However remember that those who use such weapons, spells, and other equipment of sorts, such as the Giant's Armor, Wrath of God, etc... that are frown upon by the mass community will not be sheltered from the comments made by those who frown.

- All killings of those of the same Covenant without warning or agreement might risk of becoming Rogue
Unless Combat is set by those of the same Covenant to battle each other, or Attacked them without ascent from the both to attack each other, mostly being on the side of the Master of the World (however special circumstances will take the side of the Phantom). Those who abuse it might be at risked to be noted as Rogue, and rules of #2 Will be removed for such a Rogue, and others in the Covenant can freely hunt the Rouge down if they find him or her.

- Do not bow unless the enemies Bow; When Bow, Point up in the Air, and then Fall to the Ground
As those who join the covenant, the world is a dark place. All those who try to bow and then get killed by the unmoral will face the consequences as such. Bow when they Bow. When they do, Pointing up in the Air, and then kneeling to the Ground ( point up, then prostration). This is for those to recognize for what and who you are. If they stand their and wait and not attack, you may try to show honor as such, although the possibilities of dishonor still exist, so be warned. Even when not doing Covenant Obligations, using such gestures can allow others to possibly recognize the Covenant

- Communicate for Set Locations
When you cooperate with the Covenant, communication is required by you and other brethren of the Covenant. For those who join it, Locations as such must be set, as well as Communication as such to allow those to see who is master, what role each phantom and being plays as in the role of either Infecting or being a Nexus. With doing so, Locations can be set for Brethren to be set

For all those who join the Covenant, visit () to join the covenant and be listed. Joining the Forum is required

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