The Darksign signifies an accursed Undead. Those branded with it are reborn after death, but will one day lose their mind and go hollow.
Death triggers the Darksign, which returns its bearer to the last bonfire rested at, but at the cost of all humanity and souls.

Darksign is a Tool in Dark Souls.


Darksign Usage

  • Game mechanic: Triggers upon death, sending player back to the last used bonfire. Souls and Humanity are lost, but can be regained by touching the bloodstain where death occured.
  • Can also be triggered by the player, to be sent back to the last used bonfire. All carried Souls and Humanity are lost, and cannot be retrieved.
  • Unlike dying, a manual trigger will not hollow a player who are in human form.
  • A manual trigger will also preserve your bloodstain from a previous death, even though you lose what you are currently holding.

Darksign Location

  • Available from game start.

 Notes and Trivia

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