Demon's Spear +5

150 critical_dark_souls.jpg 100
- icon_prot_stab.png 26
- durability_dark_souls.jpg 400
180 weight_dark_souls.jpg 4.0
Requirements & Bonus
strength_dark_souls.jpg icon_dexterity.png intelligence_dark_souls.jpg faith_dark_souls.jpg
12 10
Weapon Type Spears
Attack Type Thrust
Enchantable No
Special Knockback

Demon's Spear is a Weapon in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.


Carved from the bones of fellow demons. Wielded by the slim lesser Batwing demons. The weapon of these chaos demons wandering Anor Londo are different from those of other chaos demons, and are imbued with lightning."

How to Get / Where to Find the Demon's Spear


  • Give to Frampt to receive 100 souls.
  • The Demon Spear is the longest reaching weapon in the game

Demon's Spear Upgrade Table

Demon Titanite weapon upgrades are usually for the Boss Soul Weapons, forged by the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo.
Regular Reinforcement Scales 60% for strength_dark_souls.jpgStrength and 60% for dexterity_dark_souls.jpgDexterity to increase your AR.
Also, gives 100 critical bonus. To reach max, you need: 25,000 souls and 10  demon_titanite_dark_souls_s  Demon Titanite.

  Attack Values Parameter Bonuses Auxiliary Effects Damage Reduction (%) Stability
Demon's Spear physical_damage_dark_souls.jpg magic_damage_dark_souls.jpg fire_damage_dark_souls.jpg lightning_damage_dark_souls.jpg critical_dark_souls.jpg strength_dark_souls.jpg dexterity_dark_souls.jpg intelligence_dark_souls.jpg faith_dark_souls.jpg bleed_dark_souls.jpg poison_dark_souls.jpg divine_dark_souls.jpg occult_dark_souls.jpg physical_defense_dark_souls.jpg magic_defense_dark_souls.jpg fire_defense_dark_souls.jpg lightning_defense_dark_souls.jpg stability_dark_souls.jpg
Regular 100 0 0 120 100 C C - -  - 40 10 30 30 26
Regular +1 (demon_titanite_dark_souls_sx1) 110 0 0 132 100 C C - - 40 10 30 30 26
Regular +2 (demon_titanite_dark_souls_sx1) 120 0 0 144 100 C C - - 40 10 30 30 26
Regular +3 (demon_titanite_dark_souls_sx2) 130 0 0 156 100 C C - - 40 10 30 30 26
Regular +4 (demon_titanite_dark_souls_sx2) 140 0 0 168 100 C C - - 40 10 30 30 26
Regular +5 (demon_titanite_dark_souls_sx4) 150 0 0 180 100 C C - - 40 10 30 30 26


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    • Anonymous

      Pretty good weapon, but not top tier as claymore, murokumo, great club, moonlight greatsword

      Pro: longest reach in game, split damage for damaging through shield, fast

      Cons; low damage, even hornet ring riposte couldn't get a decent damage to opponent (which is very important in PvP consider everyone is focus on one-shot critical)

      • Anonymous

        I used this the first time I ever played a souls game with no knowledge of dodge rolls or level scaling. I spent the whole game poking enemies to death behind a Havel shield . It was awesome!

        • Anonymous

          The reason this spear seems overused in online PVP is mostly because of the stupidly low stat requirements. You can make an ultra-tanky build with at least 50-50 vitality and endurance without breaking SL 100.

          • This weapon is pretty garbage just because of the way you upgrade it. Demon Titanite... Demon. F*cking. Titanite. All of the other demon weapons use normal materials to upgrade them, why is this an exception?

            • Anonymous

              Insanely fun weapon at +2 with 20-20 Dex & Strength I eviscerated the Four Kings, the heavy attack is also great during invasions since it's a bit delayed I've caught a few people off guard with it, overall it's a super satisfying weapon to use.

              Only downside I'd say to this weapon is needing Demon Titanite to upgrade it, it's not a big deal later on but if you're planning on doing a spear play through and have your eyes on this then you're probably going to have to forfeit upgrading other great spears like the Butterfly Horn or Dragonslayer Spear.

              • Anonymous

                Is the scaling better than just using a Lightning (or Chaos) Pike on a 50 Strength build? I'm doing a Turtle Havel build and these seem to be the best weapons outside of going for a Demon Greataxe or Zweihander...

                • Anonymous

                  if you do a turtle-poke build with this weapon + eagle shield + stone armor you can become gamebreakingly op with like only 30 minutes of playthrough

                  • Anonymous

                    Best weapon for me for pve with quality build (40 dex 40 str), good range, lightning damage, hit fast and stun ennemies pretty easily.

                    • Anonymous

                      Does this weapon have disjoint stat scaling? Like, the physical damage increases with STR, and the lightning damage increases with DEX, something like that?

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