The Main Idea Behind This Build Is Massive Damage, Focusing On Very High SL PvPing. To Achieve High Damage, This Build Requires Lot's Of Patience To Acquire The Items / Spells, Power Within, 2x Sunlight Blades, Tranquil Walk Of Peace ( Just In Case ) And Gravelord Greatsword Dance.


RH 1- Demon's Greataxe+15 > Out Of My Knowledge, I Believe This Is The Only Weapon In The Game That Scales S With Strength, Does More Damage Than The BKGA But It's Slower But Can Be Buffed. With Red Tearstone Ring + Power Within + Sunlight Blade= 1316 AR! With All Of These + Hornet's Ring ( Which This Build Will Be Using ), I Riposted The Bandit NPC In The Forest, I Did Over 5000-7000, I Assumed It Was Around That Because I Did A Little Over 1000, Then The Second Did Around 2200-2300, And The Third Hit, I Assumed Because It Usually 2x Damage Than The Second.

RH 2- Pyromancy Flame+0 > Power Within Is In Use, Don't Upgrade It.

LH 1- Crest Shield+5 > 100% Phys. Reduction, 80% Magic, 55% Fire And 45% Lightning Reduction, Very Balanced. 66 Stability.

LH 2- Canvas Talisman > Just A Little Over Enough Faith To Use Sunlight Blade.


- 42 Poise.

Helmet: Thief Mask+10

Armor: Shadow Garb+5

Gloves: Steel Gauntlets+10

Legs: Havel's Leggings


- Red Tearstone Ring > +50% Atk. Boost ==> At 20% HP or Below.

- Hornet's Ring > +50% Critical Atk. Boost.


- Sunlight Blade 2x

- Tranquil Walk Of Peace

- Great lord Greatsword Dance

- Power Within


SL: 220
Class: Deprived




Strength: 57






-HP: 1500
-Stam. Regeneration: 43 / Seconds (3.72 Seconds To Fill In )
Equipment Load: 48.6/104


Dex Build: 1H R2 / RT With 360 Spin = Attack + Stun-Lock.

Str Builds: Very Easy To Beat, But Same With You,When I was SL 190, I Beat An SL 577, Here's How; Parry, Backstab, F ( Forward ) + RT / R2 ( Jump Attack ).

Fai Builds: Lightning Spears, Easy To Dodge, Wrath Of Gods, Easy, Twop, Easy ( If You Have Lot's Of Room To Run ), Backstab.

Int Builds: You Can Roll Outside Of The Spell, Attack Them When They're Casting.

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