deprived starting class male dark souls

icon level 6

icon vitality 11

icon attunement 11

icon endurance 11

icon strength 11

icon dexterity 11

icon resistance 11

icon intelligence 11

icon faith 11

icon humanity 0

Deprived is a starting Class in Dark Souls

Unclothed enigma. Only armed with club and old plank shield.


Deprived Starting Equipment

Clubplank shield



Notes About This Class

  • The Deprived doesn't start with any unique equipment other than the club and has a not-so-good stat spread with everything being relatively high including what would be bad for a player that chooses to specialize in particular stats.
  • This Class starts with a Club that has a parameter bonus of B in strength therefore being one of the best weapons against the Asylum Demon
  • The club is really fire actually and most people sleep on it fr fr, use this knowledge accordingly

Builds That Use This Class

  • Unfortunately, there is not much the Deprived can do that other classes cannot do better at the start of the game, however a merchant is available essentially at the very beginning  of the game that offers reliable Chain Armor and an array of great equipment just save those Souls to be able to purchase them.   
  • The deprived can easily switch between builds if a player does not know what they want to specialize in or wants to be a early game hybrid Class as it also starts off with having one Attunement slot by default. 
  • As mentioned above, this can be a great power  to a Deprived player as much fun can be had experimenting with various builds early in the game. With a Sorcerer being located below Firelink Shrine in the New Londo Ruins and a Miracle Merchant inside Firelink itself.

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    • Anonymous

      Actually it's a really nice class to start if you aim for DEX, STR or Quality build boosted with some low level spells.

      12 FAI will give you ability to use Heal, Force and both Gravelord Sword Dances. With Thorolund talisman they will have power compared to having 33 FAI with normal talisman so it's a really nice boost.

      16 INT will give you ability to use all 4 Soul Arrow types, 2 Magic Weapons buffs, 2 Magic Shield buffs, Hidden Body, Cast Light, Repair, Remedy, Dark Orb & Bead, and bunch of other less popular but occasionally usefull spells. With Oolacile Ivory catalyst they will have power compared to having 27 INT with normal catalyst so it's good but more important many of them will make lots of game parts easier. If you will run STR or Quality build you can even use Manus catalyst for dark sorceries.

      Finally get at least 16 ATT to get at least 4 spell slots for this toys. You can get more if you want more equipped at the same time and you can of course mix this setup with pyromancies to be even more prepared.

      Now you can focus on your chosen physical build. Yeah sure you will have higher level compared to other pure physical builds BUT you will be much more versalite (extra damage from buffed weapon, additional heals, light source, etc) and all of this stuff will give you great edge in PvE and also will be helpfull in PvP (force and chameleon on some tight ledge...? Sooo evil).

      • Anonymous

        This is actually the best class simply because you have a club. I didn't know that the catacomb wasn't a place for beginner when I first started the game, it was simply because I can bonk those skele mofos easily with a bit of practice and rage(because the little guy keeps doing that quick 2 swipes move that 1shot me). That said I still have to look up info about those reviving skeletons. Life is also pretty ez with bow and arrows, I ain't dumdum enough to go in blindly. I am also one of those people who think def and vigor are pointless, just don't get hit.

        • Anonymous

          Just two hand the club and go to town.Practically naked? Well, shields are nice, but not if they engender passivity.

          • Anonymous

            I came up with a (highly questionable) min-max build which deprived can do at a slightly lower SL than any other class. The stats to max are endurance, intelligence and faith. To prevent any other class from matching your stats, the following limits must be imposed:
            * 11-13 vitality (+0-2 levels; +0-1 if attunement is not leveled)
            * 11, 12, or 14 attunement (+0, 1 or 3 levels; +3 recommended)
            * 11 strength (don't level it at all)
            * 11-13 dexterity (+0-2 levels; at least 1 level is required for this build, while 2 levels is kind of useless)
            At the start of the game, level dexterity once, then go to New Londo Ruins. Pick up the composite bow (the estoc can also be used). A little later on, you can switch to two-handing a halberd. A few levels can be used to get up to two extra attunement slots, and maybe a tiny amount of HP as well. After that, the only stats to level are endurance, faith, and intelligence. In the late game, acquire the greatsword of Artorias. You won't meet the strength or dexterity requirements, but it still should do lots of magic damage. However, the extremely clunky swing animation probably limits its use to falling attacks and maybe backstabs. Finally, by the end of the game, you'll most likely end up having to go over the soft cap of a stat. I recommend going over the cap of endurance and getting as much armor as possible while keeping a light roll. You'll still die easily, but you can maybe get enough poise to take some hits without flinching.
            If anyone wants to try this build, I'm curious to hear if and how well it works.

            • Anonymous

              This class is often underestimated, but viewed correctly it is surprisingly flexible. Especially since the simple wooden club is one of the most effective weapons at the beginning and later in the game. I also like the idea behind this class. You start practically as nothing. You do not know where you come from, who you really are and you have a long journey ahead of you with innumerable trials and dangers. But at the same time all possibilities are before you. You decide what you become and can adapt. So I decided to become the chosen caveman, who with the concentrated power of the giant club crushes his enemies into pulp and bone meal or gives them a lot of fire under their bums with pyromancy. Ooga booga!

              • Anonymous

                the nice thing that this class has is that you can go through almost any kinda build
                so this one time I've gone a dragon Deprived and it was quite fitting (try it) 0_o

                • Anonymous

                  This is the class for people who want to have the hardest start, but it's not really that significant. If you've played before, it doesn't end up being particularly challenging. You can just go get the items you want since you already know where they are. After that, the only real downside is that the stat distribution isn't great to start out with, but it's negligible and entirely correctable with a few extra levels. The game can be completed at soul level 1 in the nude, so I think you'll be okay no matter who you start as in this game.

                  • Anonymous

                    Went deprived for my very first playthrough. Struggled with Bell Gargoyles and Quelaag and that was it, every other boss was an absolute breeze. This class for me, the early game was atrocious and insanely difficult, however after killing Quelaag and getting past Sen's Fortress, I quickly picked up the rest of the mechanics and flew through the game. (However Blighttown and Sen's Fortress can go somewhere else, didnt have much fun those places). Overall a difficult starting class but once you play a little while and level up, it's super fun and enjoyable, I actually just started my NG+!

                    • Anonymous

                      This description only fits the one that never played. I know all the aspects of this game, starter a game with this class for the challenge and it's the best run I've ever made. DON'T choose this class if you never played

                      • Anonymous

                        Started with this class my very first run. Didn't choose a gift either. ...ended up relying on Stone Armor and Black Knight Halberd but I'll do better next time

                        • Anonymous

                          Deprived is honestly the easiest class. 11 across the board means that you only need a few level ups to get access to Logan, you can get a second pyromancy flame from Eingyi without leveling up, you start with an attunement slot, and the ability to make whatever build you want. Deprived also starts with a fantastic weapon in the club. The heavy attacks are jumping attacks which give you more mobility than the other weapons. Some losers say the moveset sucks but they are wrong. Don't let the bad shield and lack of armor fool you because getting good at rolling is a better habit then trying to block and everything and good rolling carries across all the games and many builds. Besides a good shield and good armor can be found early enough in the game to not be a problem. People who say deprived is for veterans or a challenge just need to Git Gud.

                          • Anonymous

                            "Avoid it unless you like challenging yourself unnecessarily" Jesus *****! Why didn't i read this before? I picked it because i tought it look funny and it was very hard not to die at the begining.

                            • Anonymous

                              Deprived and thief are actually the only classes that make sense from lore perspective, since the deprived is naked, just like all the hollows, so a regular prisoner, and the thief... maybe he tried to rob a guard, but ended up getting arrested? However for example why should there be one guy in a full knight armor?

                              • Anonymous

                                I think this is a little misleading; The Deprived has equal stat distribution, and at level 6. " Horrible" stat distribution is just not true, as this is, again equal. This Class has the most opportunity to do anything and everything. The jack of all trades if you will. You just have to deal with sub-par everything for awhile, and Farm. F.Y.I YES! THIS CLASS IS VERY HARD! DO NOT PLAY IF NOT A VETERAN OF THE GAME! Sure he can't start with a faith build, but he has more of a chance of one compared to most other classes. Just so you know.

                                • Anonymous

                                  I love the challenge of this build, and I feel like this one actually makes the most sense RPG wise. Not for everyone and there are no benefits gameplay-wise, but it's cool to rise above nothing.

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