• Soul Level: 120
  • Vitality - 40
  • Attunement - 14 [3 magic slots]
  • Endurance - 33
  • Strength - 16 [I put 2 extra points to wield claymore. If you don't want to use the claymore, strength will be 14 and endurance will be 35]
  • Dexterity - 40
  • Resistance - 11 [This is the starting level; you should never increase resistance under any circumstance unless going for level 700.]
  • Intelligence - 8 [This is the staring level.]
  • Faith - 40
  • Poise: 76 [You can tank any single R1 hit in the game, so you no longer have to fear zaphanders or black knight greataxes quite so much.]
  • Covenant - Darkmoon +3
  • Starting Class - Bandit [or Cleric, if you prefer]
  • Starting Gift - Master Key [to access areas early, skip the depths]

  • Right Hand 1: Iaito +15 or Uchigatana +15 [choose based on which moveset you like best; I favor the Iaito]
  • Right Hand 2: Lightning Claymore +5 or Lightning Shotel +5
  • Left Hand 1: Glass Crest Shield +15 [This is a great medium shield. It has 95% damage reduction and a special ability that boosts stamina recovery.]
  • Left Hand 2: Darkmoon Talisman [This gives the highest magic adjustment for level 40 and beyond.]
  • Head: Mask of the Father [Needed to bring equipment burden under 50%]
  • Chest: Elite Knight Armor +10
  • Legs: Havel's Leggings +5
  • Arms: Havel's Gauntlets +5
  • Ring 1: Ring of Favor and Protection [Gives +20% boost to health, stamina, and equip burden; this is the most powerful ring in the game.]
  • Ring 2: Dark Wood Grain Ring [Gives you a special roll if at 50% equip burden. Allows you to move as though you are at 25% burden when you are at 50%.]

Magic Slots:
  • Slot 1: Darkmoon Blade
  • Slot 2: Sunlight Blade or Great Heal
  • Slot 3: Wrath of the Gods or Sunlight Blade [The Sunlight Blades in slots 2 and 3 are for long PvP fights when Darkmoon Blade runs out or for PvE convenience. Please, only use Wrath of the Gods if your opponent initiates cheap play. This would be when he uses Wrath of the Gods first, blatantly fishes for backstabs, backstabs you while you are bowing or buffing, uses Tranquil Walk of Peace, or initiates a 2 on 1 or 3 on 1 with the help of a phantom.]
General Strategy: Use this against similarly matched dexterity builds and casters. Begin with a bow and a buff if you opponent allows it. Then, two-hand your katana and use R1's (spam them if you stunlock the opponent) to quickly finish opponent before Darkmoon Blade runs out. This set up allows you to roll while still having 76 poise, so do not shy away from trading blows unless the opponent has a devastating buff. You can roll to avoid any spells and slow attacks.
Turtles: Switch to the Right Hand 2 Weapon. If it is the claymore, two-hand and attempt to stunlock and R1 spam the opponent until death. If using the shotel, one-hand it and make sure to dodge attacks with rolls to allow yourself to get close enough to use the R2 attack. Lightning is the chosen path for these weapons because there is really no significant different between Lightning +5 and Occult +5, so you might as well have more than one option for damage types.
Backstab Fishermen: Use the Claymore two-handed. Use its significant reach and swift R1 attack to keep the would-be lagstabber at a distance. You are likely to stun this type of build, so stay conscious of keeping a full endurance meter so that you can R1 spam to death when you do stunlock your opponent.
Black Knight Greataxe/Zaphander Builds: Use your Right Hand 1 Weapon and roll to avoid these slow attacks, answering with a quick R1. You have enough poise to tank one R1 hit from this kind of build, so if you mess up rolling once you will be fine.
Shotel Builds: This should be the easiest kind of build to defeat. Switch to a two-handed Claymore and have your way with your opponent.

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