Divine Templar PvP Buildpaladin_helm.png

This PvP build is directed towards a fast paced melee combat play style, with miracles to use as support.

Starting Class & Gift: Cleric & Master Key

Covenant: Darkwraith +1 (Just for invading privileges)

SL: 120


Vitality: 39

Attunement: 14

Endurance: 40

Strength: 20

Dexterity: 20

Resistance: 11

Intelligence: 8

Faith: 50

Weapons, Rings, Armour & Items

RH1: Divine Claymore +10

RH2: Fire Shotel +10

LH1: Grass Crest Shield

LH2: Canvas/Darkmoon Talisman

Armour: Paladin Set +5. I feel that this is one of the best sets in the game, it's stats are on par with Havel's set and weighs a lot less.

Rings: Dark Wood Grain Ring (Mandatory for fast paced maneuverability.), Ring of Favour and Protection.

Items: Lloyd's Talisman x99, Poison Throwing Knife x99 (To pressure heavy armoured targets into rolling out of the way, thus giving you an opening), No Green Blossom required as it does not stack with Great Magic Barrier or Tranquil Walk of Peace.


Wrath of the Gods, This is a must as it will come in handy in both defensive play and aggressive play, with it's high damage and decent range this will be one of your main abilities.

Great Magic Barrier, This is your defensive miracle that you will be casting at the beginning of the fight, it lasts 40 seconds and greatly reduces magic damage, laugh at enemy sorcerers as they barely scratch you. (Note: It will not reduce the damage of Pyromancies)

Tranquil Walk of Peace, This is a miracle that you will be using to either A: Chase down fast moving targets, or B: Breaking the guard of heavily armoured targets. It doesn't have a long duration and it does not stack with Great Magic Barrier, so choose the right moment to cast this, otherwise you might open yourself up for an easy backstab.

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