Domhnall of Zena

Domhnall Of Zena - Dark Souls Remastered

Domhnall is an adventurer from historical Zena in Dark Souls. He sells unique items, armor and crystal weapons.



  • First location: Domhnall is a merchant found down in the Depths, shortly before the boss room, right next to the gate to Blighttown. Look for an area lit by torches, with a stack of boxes and wagon wheels. He is sitting by the wall on the right side of the entrance to Blighttown.
  • Second location: After you ring both bells, he will appear near the body with the Ring of Sacrifice, in Firelink Shrine, below the aqueduct that leads to the Undead Burg.



  • After trading with Domhnall he will also share vital information if you talk to him. The more souls spent, the more he will tell.
  • In NG+ Domhnall will sell Lord Gwyn's armor set.
  • "Aye, Shwmae", Domhnall's greeting, is an informal Welsh greeting roughly meaning "Hey, how goes it?" He also speaks with a Welsh accent in the English-language version of the game.



Icon Name Use Price
  Gold Pine Resin  Applies lightning to the right-hand weapon. 1,000
  Bottomless Box  Store excess items at the Bonfire. 1,000
  Master Key  Only after moving to Firelink Shrine. (patch 1.05) 5,000
  Crystal Straight Sword High attack rating, but cannot be repaired. 4,000
Crystal Greatsword High attack rating, but cannot be repaired. 4,000
Crystal Shield High defense rating, but cannot be repaired. 4,000
Helm of the Wise
  • Domhnall's armor set.
  • Available from when you first meet him.
Armor of the Glorious 15,000
Gauntlets of the Vanquisher 10,000
Boots of the Explorer 10,000
Golem Helm 5,000
Golem Armor 7,000
Golem Gauntlets 5,000
Golem Leggings 5,000
Ornstein's Helm
  • After beating Ornstein and Smough in Anor Londo.
  • Either Ornstein or Smough's armor will be available for purchase through Domhnall.
  • Which one he has for sale depends on who you defeated last in the fight.
Ornstein's Armor 8,000
Ornstein's Gauntlets 6,000
Ornstein's Leggings 6,000
Smough's Helm 6,000
Smough's Armor 7,000
Smough's Gauntlets 5,000
Smough's Leggings 5,000
Crown of the Dark Sun After beating Dark Sun Gwyndolin in Anor Londo. 10,000
Moonlight Robe 10,000
Moonlight Gloves 10,000
Moonlight Waistcloth 10,000
Crown of the Great Lord
  • After beating Lord Gwyn.
  • This armor will be available in New Game +, since beating Gwyn ends the game.
Robe of the Great Lord 20,000
Braclet of the Great Lord 20,000
Anklet of the Great Lord 20,000
Helm of Artorias After beating Knight Artorias (AotA only). 20,000
Armor of Artorias 20,000
Gauntlets of Artorias 20,000
Leggings of Artorias 20,000



  • No items
  • 1000 Souls


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