Dragon Eye

Online play item. Find a player who has acquired a Dragon Scale and invade that player's world to pillage it.
An art of the transcendent apostles who pray to the ancient dragons. To be alive is to be vulnerable, and the fiery Gods are no exception. The apostles seek another plane of existence, which transcends life

Dragon Eye is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls.


Dragon Eye Usage

  • Players who wish to summon you need to be human and alone in their world. Even when someone else just attempts to invade them, the sign will disappear.
  • However, a Hollow player can still place the sign and invade the summoner.
  • Not compatible with password matchmaking.
  • Having a Dragon Scale is not actually part of the matchmaking requirement.
  • The area boss does not need to be alive in the host's world.
  • The winner of the duel will be awarded a Dragon Scale.
  • The defeated player will not lose any scales.


Dragon Eye Location

  • Gift upon joining the Path of the Dragon covenant.
  • Only Dragon Covenant members can use the item.






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