Dragon Torso Stone

Stone imbued with the power of the dragons. Rite of apostles of the ancient dragons. Gain torso of dragon. Roar like a dragon.
The dragon apostles seek transcendence of life itself, attainable by transformation into an ancient dragon. This rite is only one step, but it cannot be reversed until death

  Dragon Torso Stone is a Tool in Dark Souls.


Dragon Torso Stone Usage

  • Turns you completely into a Dragonoid.
  • Using the Dragon Stone will activate an ability similar to Miracle: Force, knocking back opponents.
  • Also for a few seconds, your attack strength will increase 25%.
  • Like with the Dragon Head, the effect will last until you die.

Dragon Torso Stone Location



Binoculars  ♦  Black Eye Orb  ♦  Darksign  ♦  Dragon Head Stone  ♦  Silver Pendant  ♦  Skull Lantern


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    • Anonymous

      Using this and +5 crystal claw 99 str and dex gives you 823 dmg with just fists! And if you power attack, riptose, or backstab, you would do much more! Am I the only one who realizes this?

      • Anonymous

        Testing with and without the roar buff on crossbow hollows near the sunlight altar, I was doing 227 damage with and without the buff (20 int, sorcerer’s catalyst) so it appears that the buff does not affect spells.

        • Anonymous

          Gives you a strong attack buff ability, but if i'm being honest the main reason i use this is because it turns you into an anthropomorphic dragon with a nice rear.

          • Anonymous

            How to enter the One Punch Man state:
            at least 34 str
            at least 30 faith or idk magic how much... (for the greatest weapon buff spells)
            Don't level hp above 11
            Get cursed by frogs
            Dusk crown ring
            Red tearstone ring
            Sanctus shield
            Power within
            Weapon buff
            Dragon torso stone
            Dragon Greatsword or dragon greataxe (2 handed strong attack)

            Other possibly useful things:
            Lvl endurance
            Symbol of avarice
            mask of the father or child depends
            Repair powder
            If neither of the above weapons are available, then any ultra bigass weapon will do...

            • Anonymous

              What a terrible wiki page. Doesn't mention that your unarmed has 400 AR or noting that the buff affects magic too.

              • Anonymous

                Ah man, I felt inspired to make a dragon character recently because I love the normal fist move set especially the left handed quick punch and I thought I would turn this into a high damage form so I tested the stone on another character who had it and the move set is terrible like I mean it’s really bad excluding the headbutt. If I end up doing it I’ll probably end up using that one attack on everything, the fist hits are awful :(

                • Anonymous

                  You forgot to mention that using your bare hands (claws) makes you hit 250+ per hit, effectively making the claws a strong weapon. Many level 20 souls have been lost in the undead parish due to backstabbing them with hornet ring in dragonoid form.

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