Dung Pie

Atrocious fecal waste material. Throw at enemy to build up toxins, but also builds up your toxicity.
Although the stench makes it difficult to carry on one's person, turning an enemy toxic inflicts high damage over a period of time

Dung Pie is a Projectiles in Dark Souls.


Dung Pie Usage

  • Thrown item. Inflicts Toxic status on enemies, but also on yourself.
  • Toxin build-up is 25 on you, and ?? on target.
  • Toxic Power is 420 (7 HP/s) for 60 seconds.
  • Trade one with Snuggly for a Demon Titanite.
  • Can be "sold" to Frampt for 200 souls.


Dung Pie Location




    • Anonymous

      25 Dec 2017 03:04  

      Amazing item in combination with the Ring of Fog, as most enemies won't be alerted to your (concealed) position when hit after a throw (contrast this to the Poison Knife which does give away your location and aggros the opponent). This allows you to inflict Toxic with little to no risk, and all that's left is wait for your foes to fall. Buy 99 asap. Useful against for example the Giant Armors and Silver Knights in Anor Londo.

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