Dusk Crown Ring

This magic crown-shaped ring was granted to princess Dusk of Oolacile upon her birth.
The ringstone allows its wearer to cast additional sorceries, but at the cost of one-half of HP.

Dusk Crown Ring is a Ring in in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Players can equip up to 2 Rings, but equipping two of the same item is not possible.


  • Grants extra spell castings, but halves max HP.
  • Although its description only mentions sorceries, it affects sorceries, miracles and pyromancies alike.
    • 8 casts will be 12, 5 casts will be 7, and 21 casts will be 31.
    • 2 slots of Heal gave 15 castings and 3 slots gave 22, so this is calculated as exactly half castings (7.5 per Heal), then rounding down the final result (22.5 to 22 with 3x Heal). This will still show as the lower amount in the Attune Magic screen, then the higher amount where applicable when casting. (Another example, Wrath of the Gods x2 = 9 casts, x3 = 13, x4 = 18)
    • The HP reduction is calculated after all bonuses. 1000 HP + Ring of Favor and Protection = 1200 HP, then with this ring you will have 600.
    • So if you have a total of 12 castings while wearing the ring, and unequip it after 6 casts, you will be left with 2.


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  • Missing 50% of your health in a game such as this is probably not the best trade off in PvE, but if you are already a squishy mage in PvP, then perhaps it is worth the additional casts.
  • However the main purpose of the ring contradicts this, most PvP matches aren't going to test your casting limit, while PvE can quickly wear away at a player's spell count.
  • This ring works well in combination with the Tin Crystallization Catalyst. The Tin Crystallization Catalyst halves the number of spell castings you get, but the Dusk Crown Ring adds 50% of your BASE castings back. In effect, this ring completely cancels out the reduction in castings from the Tin Crystallization Catalyst. This can make it useful in PvP for spells like Soul Spear and Crystal Soul Spear where you may have a very limited number of castings without using this ring.
  • Also works well with Manus Catalyst, as the Manus Catalyst also halves the number of spell castings you get.




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    • Anonymous

      8 vitality + cursed + dusk crown ring + red tearstone ring + power within + enchant if playing melee, or dusk crown if playing sorcerer.
      Then you get a glass canon build that one shot everything.

      • Anonymous

        This ring does some weird maths when it comes to taking it off after having cast some spells, I casted a spell that had 15 casts with the ring on, I spent 7 of the castings and then took the ring off, I was left with 5 afterwards, meaning it took 3 away when I had 8 castings left, if it was based off of current castings it should have taken off 4, I’m kind of confused.

        • Anonymous

          this is useless, what's the point of getting more castings if you're likely to die in 2 hits from anything. I'd rather not use it and spare the frustration of getting 2 shot by some rats.

          • Anonymous

            I actually use this a LOT in PvE if I’m doing a sorcerer speedrun, since getting extra casts of crystal soul spear and soul spear might be what you need to kill a boss quickly.

            Usually pair it with the DWGR, since the assumption is if you get hit you WILL die.

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