Dusk of Oolacile

Dusk Of Oolacile - Dark Souls Remastered


Dusk was the princess of Oolacile at the time it was attacked by the abyss. She was saved by a knight she believes to be Artorias and thus survived the destruction of Oolacile, becoming the only known survivor. At some point after her rescue she became trapped in a golden crystal golem in what was to become the Darkroot Basin. In stasis inside the crystal, she was preserved until present day. Should the player choose to free her, she will offer to teach them the light-manipulating sorceries of Oolacile. She will disappear shortly after her rescue, and if the player agreed to her offer, will be available for summon near the body floating in the lake.

  • After defeating the Hydra in the Darkroot Basin, hug the left hand side of the lake and follow the edge past the ladder until you see a Golden Crystal Golem at the far end of the lake. Note: You must quit and reload your game, warp, or leave the area for the golem to appear. It is also recommended that you wear the Rusted Iron Ring before engaging the golem.
  • After you kill the golem, Dusk should appear in its place. She will thank you and ask if her sorceries could be an assistance, so answer 'yes' and she will lay down her signature and await to be summoned. If you answer 'no' to her question she will not appear again. If the golem is not at the back of the cave after defeating Hydra, try either reloading the game or exiting and touching a bonfire.
  • (AotA) After the player acquires and places the Lordvessel, Dusk's summon sign will cease to appear. Instead, the player must acquire the Broken Pendant from the crystal golem in the beginning of the Duke's Archives and bring it to the area where Dusk's golem appeared in the Darkroot Basin to access a portal to Oolacile. In the Oolacile Sanctuary Elizabeth will sell Dusk's sorceries in her stead.
  • (AotA) She appears in the Chasm of the Abyss after Manus has been defeated, sobbing quietly and inconsolable. She will not speak to the player. She can be killed by a melee attack in this state, however. Doing so will, besides the obvious effect of removing her from the game entirely, also cause mushroom lady Elizabeth in the Sanctuary to vanish, rendering Dusk's shop inaccessible for the remainder of the playthrough.
  • (AotA) Once saved from the Abyss, her summon sign will reappear at her summoning spot in the Basin. She believes to have been saved by Artorias, but remarks on his similarities to the player.

IMPORTANT: Killing the golden crystal golem with magic that has a lingering effect,such as chaos fireballs,can and will immediately kill Dusk.



  • Her sign is directly in front of the lake where you fought the Hydra. Should be in front of a small rock. She will tell the player a small amount of personal history and thank the player profusely for her rescue.
  • If her sign is not there you may need to reload the game to get it to appear.
  • Note: Her sign sometimes appears to be in the water just in front of the rock.
  • Watch out for the enemies on the beach, they can kill her if you're not careful.


Dusk of Oolacile's Inventory

Sells   Uses  Slots  Souls 
Hidden Body 14 3 1 2,000
Cast Light 14 3 1 1,000
Repair 14 1 1 10,000
Chameleon 14 11 1 3,000
Hidden Weapon 14 3 1 2,000
Oolacile Ivory Catalyst 12 - - 1,000

Note: Also teaches the gesture "Proper Bow."


  • 1,000 Souls "Farewell, my rescuer..."
  • No humanity is rewarded for using the Dark Hand on Dusk after summoning her.
  • Note: The Antiquated Set is NOT dropped through killing her - it will appear as dropped treasure at the end of the cave where she was in crystal golem form. You must summon her at least once before it will appear, but you do not need to kill her. You may need to reload the area using a bonfire or quitting and reloading your file.
  • (AotA) After killing Manus, she appears on the ground near the bonfire that appears too by killing Manus.


Character Info


    • Anonymous

      23 May 2020 20:00  

      IMPORTANT: Killing the golden crystal golem with magic that has a lingering effect,such as chaos fireballs,can and will immediately kill Dusk. yup...

      • Anonymous

        20 May 2020 22:09  

        Hints on this stupid site are so misleading. I climbed the big ass ladder and kept dying around the river looking for her. While in fact she is on the left site of the LAKE below

        • Anonymous

          05 Apr 2020 04:40  

          I have been playing for a while without summoning any npcs b/c I don't want to get invaded. If I summon her will it open me up to invasion?

          • Anonymous

            17 Mar 2020 23:42  

            Baby, you must be Dusk of Oolacile, cause you're giving me Royal Wood, and all I want to do is check out your abyss so I can show you my hidden weapon trick. ;).

            • Anonymous

              07 Dec 2019 08:37  

              So i killed manus but didnt interact with dusk and didnt light the bonfire because i died, then when i returned back to her i couldn’t find her, i even went to darkroot basin and she still wasn’t there. What do ?

              • Anonymous

                15 May 2019 08:58  

                So after obtaining the Lordvessel and NOT setting it at Firelink Shrine, I went to Darkroot Basin to farm some Blue Titanite Chunks. I went to Dusk to buy some spells just so I could have them for the playthrough. I did another run because I’m farming and noticed her summon sign was gone. I know the wiki says when you obtain the Lordvessel her sign disappears but I talked to her once already while having the it. Can someone explain this wanky danky bull*****

                • Anonymous

                  26 Jun 2018 01:54  

                  I got her first run. Her sign is on the right side of the hydra arena next to a rock. After I used a humanity to reverse hollowing, her set appeared at the back of the cave where the golden golem was.

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Jun 2018 18:49  

                    Her sign didn’t appear for me even though I answered yes to her question. I did everything right but apparently From Software sucks at making remasters. Make sure to upload your save file to usb before killing the golden golem or you may have to wait for ng+ for these spells. This game is ridden with glitches!

                    • Anonymous

                      06 Jun 2018 01:27  

                      So pissed off, went through the trouble of killing that fucking hydra, used a chaos pyromancy on the Golem, and now gotta wait till next playthough. No warning whatsoever. Ducking hate this game.

                      • Anonymous

                        30 Mar 2018 16:45  

                        Small correction: actually placing the lordvessel doesn't seem to trigger her appearance. Simply acquiring it does.
                        On my current, first playthrough I got back from Anor Londo through warping and am pissing about, farming stuff here and there. My lordvessel ain't in place yet but Dusk's summon sign has disappeared.

                        • Anonymous

                          06 Feb 2018 10:12  

                          I got everything from her expect "Repair" I left did a couple things came back and I don't see her summing sign do I have to defeat Manus?

                          • Anonymous

                            11 Jan 2017 11:55  

                            She appears after you place the Lord vessel just kill golem speak to her quit out and load back in just did it

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