Focuses on slowly whittling away on the opponent't Health, While Punishing them With Backstabs and ripostes later in the battles and Due to lower Vitality, the red tearstone ring's 50% will activate very quickly with the Pyromancy spell ''Power within'', It equals 90% W/ Hp loss / Sec but the Damage boost allowing for the Dragonslayer Spear+5 doing extremely intense damage.



-Dragonslayer Spear+5 ( Very, very long reach, Base AR is 457. with Power within, AR is: 639, with Power within + Red tearstone ring activated, AR is: 959, Meaning you can play Defensively and Offensively at the same time because with a spear you can block and attack and spears have Long reach, Dragonslayer spear is no exception, Scales wonderful, C with strength which is okay, but now great, then B for Dex, That's Very good for lots of physical damage, Also scales B with Faith, once again good but this time, Does Lightning damage ).

-Canvas Talisman ( With Low Faith, this is stronger than Darkmoon talisman ).


-Silver knight Shield+5 ( 76 Stability, Much better than the crispy, burnt version of this shield, The black knight shield. IMO silver knight shield is the best medium shield in the game, Overall high Defense and resistance, along with 100% Phys. Defense and weighs 5.0 ).

-Pyromancy Flame+0 ( Don't upgrade this, an upgraded flame using Power within Doesn't affect the Damage boost except the HP loss speed ).


- Head choice 1: Big Hat+5 ( Makes Wogs Tickle, Same with most magic and miracles ).
- Head choice 2: Mask of the mother ( Adds 15%, One of the family masks acquired from pin wheel or ''Trust'' Patches...I like Patches....Don't Hurt me... ).
- Head choice 3: Mask of the Sealers+5 ( More of an Elemental resistant Piece of equipment ).
- Body choice 1: Eastern Armor+5 (Provides a lot of slash protection ).
- Glove choice 1: Painting guardian gloves+5 ( Extremely Good Resistances + very light ).
- Leggings choice 1: Smough's Leggings

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