Parasitic Headgear

An egg implanted on the head by a type of parasite bearing eggs on its back.
The nightmare begins with a slight itch on the head, and soon the parasite will be siphoning the souls of slain enemies.
Unless you find this amusing, quickly use Egg Vermifuge to purge it.



  • Acquired from egg carriers in Demon Ruins.
    • Walk up to a moving egg carrier, and let him grab you, to be infected.
    • Your character will start scratching it's head if the infection was successful, it then hatches after about 5 minutes.
  • The egg head consumes half your earned souls, even after it evolves, and will evolve after it consumes 100,000 souls.
    • This makes it a total of 200,000 souls, 100k for you and 100k for the parasite.
    • By consuming collected souls the total amount is only 100,000.
  • The egg head will also make you more vulnerable to fire damage.
  • No helmet or normal headgear can be worn while you are infected with the egg head.
    • If you use the Dragon Head Stone before you get infected, the dragon head will still be there when you cure the egg (unless you died in the meantime). The dragon breath attack is also unavailable while the egg covers it.



  • After the egg hatches, Eingyi will sell you the cure, some pyromancy spells and a pyromancy glove.
  • Eingyi will also give you an Egg Vermifuge for free, every time you get a new Egg Head.
  • After the egg evolves, the kick animation (Forward + R1/RB) is replaced by a larvae bite attack.
  • The Larvae attack cannot be used to infect other players, unfortunately.



  • The egg head is removed at any time by consuming an Egg Vermifuge.




    • Anonymous

      11 Jan 2018 17:23  

      I got implanted by the Egg and soon, my life turned around. I was just a mad hollow, but now I'm Lord of Cinder and all the hot hollow girls want to touch my +10 Raw Greatsword. Get infected today!

      • Anonymous

        01 Jul 2017 10:52  

        There is a fast way to evolve the egg. Just do a soul dupe glitch. I recently farm to evolve it out of curiosity, when suddenly the egg evolved at 85 k souls. I remembered i use a soul of a hero and a soul of a brave warrior. Still need confirmation.

        • Anonymous

          Thank God19 Jun 2016 23:31  

          Thanks for this entry. I got invaded and hit by this weapon which cursed me and gave me this egg thing. Thank you so much.

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