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There are two possible ending for Dark Souls: "To Link the Fire" and "The Dark Lord".

These are popularly referred to as "the Fire ending" and "the Dark ending".


To Link The Fire

Triggered by defeating Gwyn, Lord of Cinder and lighting the final bonfire. By choosing this ending you succeed Gwyn as the next - "Great Lord" and accomplish the designs of Kingseeker Frampt. By linking the fire, The Chosen Undead embraces self-sacrifice, thus revitalizing the land and banishing The Curse of The Undead.

The Dark Lord

Triggered by defeating Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, then leaving the boss arena without lighting the final bonfire. By choosing this ending, you become The Dark Lord, The True Lord Of Men, thus realizing the designs of Darkstalker Kaathe. As The Dark Lord, you will usher in an Age of Dark... an Age of Men, and your Lordship shall prevail as the supreme sovereign.

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    • Anonymous

      08 Jun 2021 14:14  

      So I just finished my first playthrough. I've played through DS3 several times, so when I got Gwyn's soul I thought I could go transpose it and do some other stuff to prepare for NG+ before linking the fire. But I guess I'm dark lord now...

      For the record, Ispecifically didn't speak to Kaathe (or even encounter him for that matter) because I wanted to link the fire.

      • Anonymous

        14 May 2021 17:50  

        Most beautiful ending ever made for this game, look for a video called 'Dark Souls 1 Secret ending Solaire ending' . Solaire finally finds his very own SUN!!!

        • Anonymous

          10 May 2021 18:44  

          How do we know that linking the fire banishes the curse of the undead? I've searched everywhere and I can't find that information.

          • Anonymous

            20 Nov 2020 18:28  

            i dont hate gwyn for stuff he did to people i hate him because he started the cycle...dragons were neutral but gwyn and the other lords greed the damn greed...the world would have been a better place the way it was.i believe some of kaathe words are bullsh!t like he says gwyn has resisted NATURE but this sh!tty cycle isnt nature, its the most unnatural thing i ever saw. so you wanna see nature? well get down to ash lake...thats nature and thats how the world was supposed to be. it was gwyns greed that had brought this horrible things to the world. but you think dark is better? no... whatever that takes a role in this UNATURAL cycle is evil, greed will consume all same as it consumed the witch of izalith who wanted to have a flame of her own as it has consumed the whole world by this cycle as it was the element of which has gave birth to the abyss and so on...THE FIRST SIN means greed to me .the events of ds3 and so on...none of the would have happened

            • Anonymous

              06 May 2020 13:50  

              Yeah choice matters not there will be periods where the curse isn’t around but once that flame starts to fade.... BEEF JERKY TIME

              • Anonymous

                21 Apr 2020 10:25  

                It doesn't matter if you light the fire or not. The age of fire will come back, even if you chose not to kindle the fire. It's a cycle that repeats indefinitely. And the age of dark is not the real age of man. Because the fire will come back some day. The only solution to get the age of man is what you do in the best ending of DS3. The age of Hollows.

                • Anonymous

                  11 Jul 2019 08:02  

                  After defeating Gwyn, I just walked out to see where the knights have gone, but i unknowingly triggered the second ending lol.

                  • Anonymous

                    03 Jan 2019 00:36  

                    age of fire just comes with an another fading flame which just make undeads suffering from this endless pain again. on the other hand,dark soul came from the first flame,with the flame fading,the humankind will lost the abillity to rule,its just an "AGE OF SERPENTS".they just bow for you and sneer behind you for your foolishness.

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