Escape Death

Spell Type Miracle
Spell Amount 1
Slots Used 1
Cost 0

Escape Death is an unused Miracle in Dark Souls. To cast a miracle, you must use a Talismans or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles



Lost miracle, foreign to the Way of White. While active, no losses incurred upon death.
The Way of White recognizes death itself, but admonishes the Undead. It is for this very reason that this miracle was lost..



  • Escape Death prevents the user from losing souls or humanity after death. When used, large ray of golden light erupts forth from a golden circle that appears beneath the player. Once the ray dissipates, a golden aura emanates from the player's chest until he warps to another bonfire or dies. If the player dies after having used this spell, the typical "You Died" message will not appear; instead, the words "Magic Revived" appear on the screen in green lettering. The player will then return to the last bonfire at which he rested with his souls and humanity intact, as if he had equipped a Ring of Sacrifice.


Acquired From

  • This miracle cannot be acquired in-game, but data exists for Escape Death deep within the game's code.



  • This miracle does not have a portrait in-game due to its unfinished nature. The developers likely concluded that Escape Death would make the game somewhat unbalanced, since players would have the ability to remove the penalty of losing souls and humanity incurred by death.
  • A video of the miracle in action can be found .




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    • Anonymous

      Could have been balanced maybe if there was no ring of sacrifice and you got this through Gwyns soul in NG+ and needed a high faith like sunlight spear.

      As the game is though you can get something like 18 rings per play through so this would have been pointless.

      • Anonymous

        it would be real cool if they reused this spell in the remastered. maybe not for saving souls but a unique spell limited to the remastered would be super cool.

        • Anonymous

          It's possible to acquire it by modifying your save file, considering my character has it. So it's just deliberate actions on developer part to disable it. Wise choice though, because it makes my gameplay way more easier than it should be

          • Anonymous

            I think there sould only be things that are inside the game so this "miracle" shouldn't even apear in this site...

            • Anonymous

              i think the escape death miracle was taken out to make room for ring of sacrifice or rare ring of sacrifice
              witch are both better choices & more reliable with out breaking the game

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