Everlasting Dragon


Everlasting Dragon is a  Character in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.





  • It is the Covenant leader of Path of the Dragon.
  • Can't be killed and will not turn hostile if attacked.
  • If you will cut his tail, it will grow back. It will not drop the Dragon Greatsword twice.
  • Is a Stone Dragon and a descendant of the Ancient Dragons.







  • Ash Lake, at the end of the beach, in the last reachable tree.



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    • Anonymous

      12 Aug 2021 17:03  

      He lacks pain receptors and is already immortal. he lets you cut his tail more than necessary so you can saturate your anger hoping that this will make you emotionally ready to get more scales in the future. That's why he always lets you return to covenant. Truly an ETERNAL option.

      • Anonymous

        16 Jul 2021 19:24  

        Are you sure it cannot be killed? I used a lightning weapon when cutting its tail, and that took off half its HP

        • Anonymous

          30 Jun 2021 15:27  

          Man, FS know when to restrain themselves. I recently learned that this npc was initially planned to be a boss fight but it was left out. The way he is in game as a peaceful covenant leader is SO much better than the idea of going through this lonely mystical secret area just for it to end in another boss fight. I can’t stress enough how much this would go against the feel of ash lake and it’s atmosphere. As if that decision wasn’t already good enough they even gave the area a mini boss fight with the hydra just for something to have but it was definitely a better call to end the area with a peaceful encounter.

          • Anonymous

            06 Apr 2021 00:11  

            is this dragon a girl? it has a kindled bonfires which to my memory only fire keeper bonfires have, and maybe it doesn't offer to give estus upgrades 'cause its too lazy too bother with some dumb human.

            • Anonymous

              15 Mar 2021 09:09  

              man, it's so upsetting seeing this npc give literally no backstory, or at least one of it's own, the whole aesthetic of the dragon and where it lives is so awesome i just wish i could learn more about it

              • Anonymous

                01 Dec 2020 19:41  

                Ah yes, the secret part of the game where we learn that the dragons were peaceful and the gods were *******s.

                • Anonymous

                  18 Oct 2020 01:13  

                  I like to think that this dragon is just some stoner. I mean think about it. He lives in the world's basement basically, it's filled with fog/smoke, the dragon's completely fine with you cutting off his tail, and he's just chilling there. I like to think that he thinks some **** like: "Wassup brooo. Wanna be a dragon? ****in sure dude, here, you can even get a stone. Oh **** bro, you just cut my tail. Eh, I don't ****in care, I'll just get a new one. Hey, where're you going? Don't you wanna smoke some Green Blossoms? Eh, come back whenever you want, I don't care."

                  • Anonymous

                    24 Jul 2020 03:00  

                    This guy leads to me to believe, due to the limited information about the Everlasting Dragon elsewhere and the beginning cinematic, that the Dragons were peaceful in nature. The other four-winged dragons met in the game, Seath and the Gaping Dragon, have been driven mad or transformed, so this dragon at Ash Lake is the only seemingly sane Everlasting Dragon left. In Dark Souls, almost everything attacks us...both those that could allies depending player choices and outright enemies. And even NPCs mostly retaliate against the player if provoked. However, the Everlasting Dragon does not...even if we literally slice off his tail. Nearly all characters, monsters, etc. that do attack us/can attack us are from either the Lords/Gods or Humanity in some form or serve one of these groups or both. The Everlasting Dragon is affiliated with neither and comes from the Age of Dragons and archtrees. Combined with cinematic lines of the fire bringing "disparity," the "rebellion" against the dragons may not have been provoked by them, but rather by mortals due to our inherent lust for power, fame, fortune, and longer life. This is of course speculation and a bit of head canon, but it's a way of looking at the dynamic of the beginning of the Age of Fire as a commentary on humanity's propensity for violence and conquest over the "natural" order even if that order does not threaten us, simply to say that we control our environment, our planet. I know, I know. I'm looking way too far into it, but I like thinking about both the in-game lore and how that compares to real life situations.

                    • Anonymous

                      09 Apr 2020 02:40  

                      Not gonna lie. I fear only few things. But this guys face, this is one of them. He still gives me the creeps like no other Souls Monster.

                      • 27 Mar 2020 23:22  

                        I will admit I had some serious salt going from going through the Great Hollow... but seeing the crazy view around the Ash Lake and coming across this made all of that worth it.

                        • 11 Mar 2020 14:18  

                          the concept itself divine ! i dont see why their is not a dragon left in the world! they are and were strong enuff to have kept some level of influence so why the exit

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Dec 2019 17:18  

                            What a chill dragon, some random Murderhobo walks into his house, Cuts off his tail, and the guy is still like "hey wanna have a Dragon head and breath Fire?"

                            • Anonymous

                              24 Mar 2019 10:45  

                              He actually CAN be killed, if you use Cheat Table and One Punch Mode. I mean, it's using 3rd party programs, but I tried to cut his tail off with this active and he died. There was even that sound that plays when you defeat a boss. He didn't drop anything though

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