Everlasting Dragon


Everlasting Dragon is Character in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.




  • Is Covenant leader of Path of the Dragon.
  • Can't be killed and will not turn hostile if attacked.
  • If you will cut his tail, it will grow back. It will not drop the Dragon Greatsword twice.
  • Is a Stone Dragon and a descendant of the Ancient Dragons.







  • Ash Lake, at the end of the beach, in the last reachable tree.



    • Anonymous

      31 Oct 2018 17:53  

      "Yeah you cut off my tail, do I look like I give a *****? I'm everlasting. See, it already grew back. Get out of here, nerd."

      • Anonymous

        18 Aug 2018 08:43  

        Is anyone else curious why he and the gaping dragon have four wings, while most other dragons seen have only two? Also, the great hollow definitely has reality bending properties, so this leads me to believe he's either from a different world altogether, or partially corrupted and hiding from the lords. Anyone recognize him from a demon souls? bloodborn?

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