Faithful Knight Caster

SL. 115-125- NG+

Vitality- 45-50
Attunment- 34
Strength- 12 (base)
Dexterity- 12
Resistance-11 (base)
Intelligence- 8 (base)
Faith- 40-45

Spell Attunement: You have plenty of options as this build is meant to counter several strategies in the game at it's present state. I will go over them with you and you can choose the best options based on your play style.
WoTG- This spell if chosen will be devastating to an impatient and greed invader, or a counter to a clumsy blind melee build. Choosing two Spell slots if used gives you room to make a mistake or two but be fair warned that this method is no guarantee kill. Also it would be overkill but as an option you can use Dusk ring to increase your charges to 8 if you wish or 4 if you don't use two slots.
Vow of Silence- An excellent sorcery counter, but be fair warned that this nullifies your ability to cast as well (Look at the title). Thankfully there are remedies to using this strategy in conjunction with your builds descriptions. In other words there are "work arounds". I will go over this later when I detail my current setup.
Gravelord Greatsword's dance- An amazing combo linking ability for faith users. Suggested only to be used when your opponent is incapable of attacking or distracted.
Replenishment- a great source for healing in this build.
G. Lightning Spear- Great for a faith based caster. This gives us range
Sunlight/Dark Moon Blade- These little devil's will be the backbone of your melee strategy. Yes, this caster has an above average melee strategy.

Pair any of these spells with other healing spells or pyro spells for a devistatingly balanced skill set. Also note that you can feel free to double up on any spell you wish.

Equipment: You have plenty of options as this build is meant to counter several strategies in the game at it's present state. I will go over them with you and you can choose the best options based on your play style. In fact you can choose whatever you like (what looks the prettiest) the best.

Head Piece- Suggested to use the Dark Sun Crown or Dusk Crown for the 20% bonus to your miracles. I like using Great Lord's Crown!
Chest/Hands/Legs Piece- Something with a moderate amount of poise and Defence. Suggested Embraced, Thorns, Paladin. All light weight armours with decent stats. Thorns can be used to damage while you roll or paladin for the poison resist. Embraced has the most poise though.
Rings- These are much more difficult to decide on but most options should seem obvious at this point.
Options Include- First Born's Sun Ring(Miracle Power boosts your WoTG to 700-800) Dark Wood Grain Ring, Hornets ring, Dusk Ring, Ring of Favour and Protection, and Wolf's Ring

Weapons: These are more standard and therefore your choices are limited. Suggested set is...
R1- bandit's Knife+15
R2- Ivory/Dakmoon Talisman
L1- Sanctus/Parrying dagger (any vaiation)
L2- Ivory/Darkmoon Talisman/ Pyro flame.
It is suggested to use your right hand for casting and dealing damage.

Now to explain to you what my current setup is.
I am Sl. 120. My Vfitality is 50, Faith 40 and Endurance is 35. I use mix matching Thorn's and Paladin or full Great Lord's. If I use the Mix n' Match set then I use dusk or dark sun crown. My ring slots are sun's firstborn and dark Wood grain.

Gravelord Great Sword Dance
Sunlight Blade
Dark Monn Blade
G. Lightning Spear

My strategy is to toss spears at a range and force people to close in on a web of WoTG's. Once you get your first knock down feel free to gravelord dance your foes. If your health gets below 50% and you can't heal back up and pop a rep. Finally if you haven't popped rep or it ran it's course. Try using Sunlight Blade on your dagger. When you do this your base damage increases from 140 to 658. Add in your crit bonus and you will be 1hit koing anything you riposte or back stab. When using your bandit dagger cast VoS after you have buffed your weapon. This way the only counter your foe can pull is getting away from you or hoping you don't parry him/her.

Good Luck!

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