PvP Builds Warning to all viewers this build is optimal to the user.

  • Armor Setup
  1. Crown of Dusk-*optional* Family Mask
  2. Armor of Thorns-*optional* Any Armor
  3. Black Knight Gauntlets-*optional* Havel's Gauntlets
  4. Havel's Leggings-*optional* Dark leggings

  • Weapon Loadout
  1. 1st right weapon-Moonlight Greatsword-*optional* Any Magic Weapon
  2. 2nd right weapon-Izalith Catalyst-*optional* Tin Crystallization Ctlyst.
  3. 1st left weapon-Blood Shield-*optional* Silver Knight Shield
  4. 2ns left weapon-Darkmoon Talisman-*optional* Velka's Talisman

  • Ring Loadout
  1. Dark Wood Grain Ring-*optional* Bellowing Dragon Ring
  2. Ring of Favor and Protection-*optional* Dusk Crown Ring

  • Item Slot Setup(invaded)
  1. Flask(not for invading use Humanity
  2. Humanity(replace flask with Humanity and put in 2nd slot Grass)
  3. Grass(replace 3rd slot for Blooming purple Moss)
  4. Blooming purple Moss(Lloyd's Talisman)
  5. Bloodred Moss-repair powder for moonlight greatsword blast(Repair powder)
  6. Dried Finger-Summoning Stone(Any invasion items)

  • Spells and Mirales
  1. Crystal Homing Soulmass
  2. Souls Spear
  3. Chameleon
  4. Crystal Spear
  5. WOTG
  6. Great Lighting Spear

  • STATS Soul lvl 120 or 125 your choice.
Strength-only enought for your weapon-16
Dexterity-only enought for your weapon-13

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