Fang Boar

Boss 0010 Fang Boar
Location Undead Parish and Anor Londo
Health * NG: 307 / 640
NG+: 768 / 1,004
Souls * NG: 750 / 1,000
NG+: 3,750 / 2,000
* Recorded in PATCH 1.05

Fang Boar (aka Armored Tusk / Mecha Boar) is a Mini-Boss in Dark Souls.


Fang Boar Information

An imposing oversized boar, plated almost entirely in steel armor. There are a total of 3 in this game, and do not respawn; 1 in the first courtyard in the Undead Parish, and the other 2 can be found in the corridors, guarding the entrance to The Duke's Archives, past the golden fog gate in Anor Londo.

 While the Fang Boar from the courtyard has an exposed rear (allowing backstabs), the corridor boars do not share the same exploit, making them harder to deal with. 

The final boar killed will always drop the Fang Boar Helm, if one did not already drop randomly from the first two.






Drops (Undead Parish)



Gore Charge

The boar paws at the ground, then rushes the player for a powerful gore attack - if it connects it will launch the player into the air. The charge covers a lot of ground therefore the player must find an obstacle or doorway to hide behind, rather than try to outrun it.


Gore Thrust

If close to its front, it will thrust forward a short distance and attack with its tusks. This can be blocked.


Tusk Launch

If in front of the Fang Boar, it will attempt to lift you up with its tusks. This can also be blocked.


Tusk Swipe

Swings its tusks wildly to the left or right, in an attempt to hit a target at its sides. This is can be blocked as well.


Boar Kick

If the player is positioned behind the Fang Boar for too long, it will donkey-kick you with its hind-legs. This cannot be blocked, and will knock you down.

Drops (Anor Londo)


Defensive Abilities

The boar's thick armor grants it an extremely high resistance to both physical attacks and spells. However, they are susceptible to lightning damage.

Weapons tend to rebound or deflect off the boar's armor, dealing only minimal damage, and leaving a melee attacker momentarily stunned and vulnerable. An exception is the plunging attack, however, which can penetrate the armor effectively.

Staying too close to any of its sides for too long will incite an appropriate attack that will allow the boar to hit you, so keep moving.



  • Keep your shield up and move to its sides, closer to the hind legs ideally, and try to stay in that area to avoid getting hit.
  • Attack only when it's not attacking and only once, as the armour it wears will stagger you when you hit it, leaving you vulnerable.
  • The area below its nose is also vulnerable to physical damage. If you use an upward swing (e.g., 2-handed R1 with a great-axe), the boar will take full damage. However, standing in front of the Fang Boar opens you up to additional attacks.
  • All versions of the boar are susceptible to poison; be it from poison arrows, poison mist pyromancies, or poisoned throwing daggers. The latter may be the most efficient, as they can be used from a fairly safe distance while still holding a shield, and should poison the boar with only 2-3 hits.
  • Plunging attacks, while slower, will not rebound upon hit, and do a significant amount of damage. Use these when the boar drops its guard.


Undead Parish Boar Strategy


Strategy 1 - Melee

Heavy weapons like the Greatsword will prevent you from getting staggered on hit, and penetrates their armor to a high degree. Plunging attacks from the walkway where the archers were, can be effective if the boar is lured close; it's best to start the fight performing one of these as it significantly lowers the Fang Boar's health, and makes for a much easier encounter. Now you could just race back up, and rinse and repeat until the boar dies, or you could read the next paragraph.

To engage in a straight fight with it, stay to it's sides with your shield up to avoid getting hit, and attacking only when it isn't. Since this Fang Boar is armored everywhere but the rear, you have yourself a target. After rolling past or avoiding the charge, quickly move to its rear and perform a Backstab attack to damage it greatly. If you dally, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a Boar Kick, and come crashing down. So be quick, and get away from its rear if your attempt is unsuccessful.

Another easy attack method is to first clear the area and then drop off the walkway, where the two crossbow enemies were, and lure the boar down the stairs. He can only fit half-way down and will begin to turn around to return to his standard position, so you should simply attack his back then retreat down the stairs when he turns to face you. While the boar can and will charge much further than the archway, it will not attempt any attacks after this, and will just turn turn around until you strike it again. Repeat until the boar dies.


Strategy 2 - Roast Pork/Slaughter House

You can kill the Fang Boar without directly attacking it. There are two ways to do this:

The boar is vulnerable to fire, so throw Alluring Skulls (4 of which are located on the walkway, presumably for this purpose) onto the pile of burning corpses from the walkway; the boar will roast itself. If it is too far away, it will not react to the Alluring Skull, so it is most efficient to wait until it is back to its starting position close to the walkway before throwing the skull down. You can bait the two burning stacked corpses found in the area, causing the Boar to charge into them and takes considerable damage for the period of time it stands in the fire, due to the stun effect of the charging. The boar can be baited repeatedly until dead, or if you wish to speed up the process, you can dispose of it while you are upstairs by using spells, arrows or dropping some firebombs on it. The Fang Boar is similarly vulnerable to other Fireball-type pyromancies, which can also be safely casted from the walkway.

Alternatively, if you equip your lightest armor, and sprint across the courtyard to the other side before the Undead Solider can close the gate, you can actually bait the boar and bring the portcullis down on it. This will kill him instantly.


Anor Londo Boar Strategy


Strategy 1 - Melee

Lightning weapons obtained from the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo can help. The lightning damage will affect the boar even if your weapon does little physical damage and rebounds from the boar's armor.

These 2 Fang Boars don't share the expose heinie and appear to have fully armored rears, making backstabs ineffective. They also have over double the health the previous boar had. While their attacks can be blocked, with these boars, it would be better to 2-hand your weapon, due to the armor. Hit it a couple times, roll, and repeat; while it sounds simple, it's the most effective way to take it down in a melee battle. There is a considerable distance between you and the second, a whole corridor, so unless you've run deeper to escape the first boar - which you shouldn't do, if anything, run outside - then you shouldn't have to worry about aggravating the second.


Strategy 2 - Free Ranged Pork

Bow & Arrows

The first is visible from a long distance at the far end of the hallway, and ranged attacks can work well. The easiest approach is to take a couple of poison arrows (2-3 should do, but just to be safe, hit it with 4-5), and shoot them at the Fang Boar from a distance. While the damage may not be overwhelming, the poison seeps through, allowing you to sit back and watch babe die a slow death. The second boar is found around a corner farther down the hallway and because of its location, it is more difficult to defeat with arrows or line of sight spells. You may still do so if you use the edge of the corner for protection, but expect the boar to figure it out and charge around to get you.

The boar can charge the length of the hallway towards you, but cannot usually pass the threshold of where the hallway starts. Even if it does, it will either turn away and head back to its starting position, or do so by backing up while facing towards you. Seize this opportunity to attack it.



Poison Mist pyromancy can be effective, particularly on the second boar as the AoE spell can be directed around the corner to poison the boar without aggroing it. Since the boars are weak to lightning, you can also kill them by using any version of Lightning Spear.

It is possible, albeit risky, to evade both boars and enter the room beyond them containing the bonfire and the elevator. They will usually attempt to follow but get hung up in the doorway, allowing for ranged or spell attacks with relative safety. If they do manage to enter the room, standing to one side of the elevator up on the raised area will provide a safe spot to continue to attack them. 


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    • Anonymous

      Omg guys you wont believe what happened I was about to pass those undeads and boar in the near undead parish and one of the undead pulled the lever and the gate closed but also boar was pursuing me and it one shot it! It dealt 398 damage. Wish I was recording it...

      • Anonymous

        I just typed "alluring" and this is right below Alluring Skull

        Now that I look at it again, my **** is hard

        • Anonymous

          I mean... all these are great and whacking the thing gives you a catharsis after the untold pains in the butt of Anor Londo but...

          Seriously, 2 poison arrows poisons the thing... then sit back, go grab a beer, pet the cat... and let the thing die a slow and purply misty death (to be fair, you will have to re-apply the poison... one time isn't enough to wear it all the way down).

          • Anonymous

            I killed all 3 boars in my game but the first didn’t drop the helm and the final one didn’t drop the helm either, even though the website says it’s a guaranteed drop from the last boar

            • Anonymous

              Fun fact: You can do plunging attacks on stairs by jumping then pressing r1. You do not need to drop down anywhere. This is useful in pvp and also for killing parish boar.

              • Anonymous

                How I killed the undead parish boar was kinda dumb but super easy. I hadn't had the game very long and didn't really understand everything you could do yet. So I had a crazy thought. It might waste a life but maybe if I lure the boar into a charge I can get it to bash the gate open to the bonfire under the red drake. Much to my surprise when I reached the end of the stairs by the gate it turns out that's a safe zone. The boar just stopped cold. Then it started backing up and turned around. Now you can agitate it enough to kill you there if you keep swinging at it. But when it turned around I shot it in the butt. You'll have to lure down there a few times but if you have the arrows to spare it's an easy kill.

                • Be sure to carry the ligntning spear you collected in sens fortress in your inventory. then once you get to dukes entrance simply run past them both and get into the elevator as they cant enter it. then make sure to 2 hand it and it did 140 damage or so per hit. just cheap them with 1 hit and roll away until dead

                  • Anonymous

                    I noticed Jump Attacks work really well on these guys too. Not only plunging attack. This is very helpful when fighting the boars in the hallway.

                    • Anonymous

                      The one in the Undead Parish can be lured to the opening of the tunnel beneath the portcullis, where you can safely attack it with a longer weapon like a spear or a greatsword without it being able to reach you (just be sure to clear out the hollows down there first). Just two-hand your weapon to prevent knock back, as you'll likely be attacking its face.

                      The two outside the Duke's Archives have to be fought a little more vulnerably, first by baiting the charge, then dodging left or right or by blocking it with a sturdy shield. Strafe to their hind quarters, but don't get directly behind them to avoid their back kick. Again, two-hand your weapon and start hacking/stabbing/bashing away, but be careful not to get stuck against the wall and switch back to your shield when needed. They don't have terribly high health, just a lot of defense, so they shouldn't take too long.

                      • Anonymous

                        Perhaps I just missed it being listed on the page, but all I had to do to defeat him was to get it to run into a stone column, where it took a decent chunk of damage upon impact. It was incredibly simple and hardly a challenge. I did, however, clear the area of every other enemy before trying to fight the boar, which made it easier.

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