Bisque urn filled with black powder. Explodes, inflicting fire damage.
Relatively powerful ranged weapon, especially in situations called for fire damage. A very precious item at low levels.
Many warriors use these to augment their strategic repertoire

Firebomb is a Projectiles in Dark Souls.


Firebomb Usage

  • Throwable item.
  • Deals fire damage. (Amount depends on the enemy's resistance to Fire.)
  • Firebombs deal 21 poise damage.
  • Very low price (50 souls apiece) and good damage make them handy in many situations. You can kill the Undead Attack Dogs in Capra Demon's fight with a single bomb, making it much easier to run up the stairs without having to circle around the dogs. Firebombs are also good replacements for Fireorbs/Fireballs when the target is outside the range of these pyromancy spells.


Firebomb Location







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