Survey after using build please.

This build is for being summoned or summoning in Darkwood forest by Sif to pvp HIGHLY populated beware. :>

Team Support Priest Build

Class: Priest, Masterkey


  • Vit 20
  • Att 16
  • End 25
  • Str 31
  • Dex 8
  • Res 11
  • Int 8
  • faith 48


Princess Guard, you have to be back in this covenant once you finished gathering all miracles or items, or you will not be able to cast soothing sunlight or bountiful sunlight

Miracles (PVP)

  • Soothing Sunlight
  • Heal
  • Wrath of Gods


  • RH +5 Occult Demon's Greataxe/Dragon Tooth depending what level your axe is at during the game the dragon tooth is stronger
+5 Occult Damage
Physical 202 +81
Magic 215 +208
Str Bonus C Faith Bonus A
  • LH Darkmoon Talisman or slightly weaker- sunlight talisman/ivory talisman
  • Channelers staff (equip only to buff then de-equip)


  • Head - Crown of Dusk
  • Shirt - Sages Robe +5
  • Legs - Crimson Robe +5
  • Gloves - Xanthous Gloves +5

  • HP 93
  • Stam 121
  • Equip 65
  • Physical 262
  • Magic DEF 196
  • Flame DEF 197
  • Lightning DEF 239

  • Ring of Sun's Firstborn
  • Wolf Ring PVP,
  • Darkwood Grain ring,
  • Havel's Ring,
  • Ring of steel Protection,
  • Darkmoon seance ring,
  • Ring of Sun Princess PVP
  • each ring for its own purpose.

Get 15 Faith first and co op on bell tower TWO wins, then join Sun Light Covenant for lightning miracle and makes everything easy.
31 Str recommended getting asap and buying demon's great axe from shiva of the east, because you can not use almost all weapons.
The armor chosen is best Physical defense possible. and the weight is directly on 32.5 which is half of the equip load (65) so you an roll medium speed without havels.
Most bosses are easied just with lightning miracle/ ornstein and smouth take a lot of damage from wrath of god, or the demon great axe itself.

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