We are going to keep this short and sweet! We have a few simple rules in place to maintain a constructive community; these rules are easy to grasp and are in place to ensure that everyone who posts does so comfortably. We believe you are all sharp individuals, so let us continue building this special community.
  • The most important component we have in a self regulating community is reporting. Keep in mind that this is a volunteer site and while we do the best we can to sort things out, we cannot see every single post. If you see anything on these forums that violates any of these rules, please report it to the mods who will be listed here. This is the only way we can ensure things are fair.

  1. No flaming. Debates and disagreements are fine and even encouraged, but incendiary comments and insults are not.
  2. No trolling. Bait threads and posts, etc. will be removed.
  3. No thread derailing/hijacking. Stay on topic. If you have no interest in the topic, don't post in it. An anecdote or quip here or there is fine, but don't go overboard.
  4. No racial, cultural, lifestyle slurs. Period. Remember that this is a mixed community with diverse people.
  5. Keep the thread topics related to Dark Souls. We appreciate off the beaten path content, so do so in the Official Off Topic Threads.
  6. Don't single out PSN of XBLA names in an attempt to slander.
  7. Don't post how to glitch or hack in the game. This extends into discussing hacked items.
  8. No solicitation. Financial or otherwise.

That's it folks. A pretty painless set of guidelines, however failure to comply will result in warnings and bans and not necessarily in that order.


These are the folks to get in touch with when you have a concern or anything else to say. We love talking with people, so feel free to send us a PM, and be patient when it comes to receiving responses. We do our best to keep up with the volume.


Samurai_masurao (creator of Japanese Livedoor Wiki as well)


Baal-Avatar (Admin and Organizer)
Ublug (Admin and Organizer)

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