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    • Anonymous

      05 Jan 2018 04:30  

      hey guys, im not looking for help on any bosses, but if anyone wants my help transferring, farming, or killing any bosses on the ps4 heres my GT for some jolly cooperation;
      just send me a friend request saying something about this site and ill accept it

      • Anonymous

        09 Oct 2017 23:17  

        I am with a doubt (excuse any part that does not give to understand I am using the google translator) I am with a personage level 120, and I put double of the points that the weapon that I am using precise, I found that it damages some difference like increase the speed of the weapon or give a large increase in damage, but did not notice any difference. Can someone tell me if there is any bonus when I get the amount of bonus needed on the weapon or if it is my mind, and I would like to ask if there is any status that increases the damage of pyromencias, because I have already put the modified paroman glove in + 5 and I'm finding the damage low in the Novop game +1. Thanks in advance for your attention.

        • Anonymous

          08 Oct 2017 18:46  

          Hey guys! I fight the 4 kings in abyss and i died. In the meantime i installed the 2.4 for online play, but now i cant reach the abyss anymore, i mean i die in the falling. What can i do to fix this? I tried to remove ajd equip Back my ring for abyss but this just dont work!

          • Anonymous

            18 Sep 2017 06:06  

            MastaBlastah 229
            Xbox1 DS3, looking for more friends who play the game. Pvp matches, helping new players, and friendly fight clubs. I'm down for whatever I just love the game and would like to have fun on it with people who feel the same

            • Anonymous

              14 Aug 2017 05:11  

              Isthere anyone that can help me beat Black dragon Kalameet? I managed to cut his tail off but I cannot beat him alone. I'm on the PS3 platform.

              • Anonymous

                28 Jul 2017 01:53  

                looking for someone on ps3 to run through this game the first time since my data was deleted on dark souls 1. I'm SL 18 in the depths area, send me a friend request & I'll help you out. KushBuyThaKiloz

                • Anonymous

                  21 Jul 2017 07:14  

                  if anyone needs help with the bell gargoyles on xbox 360 im here in the front of the church : galacticMiDNiT3

                  • Anonymous

                    16 Jun 2017 18:46  

                    (Xbox) So I messed up in patches and now I can't get the canvas talisman and cleric armor would anyone be willing to drop it for me I'm lvl 122 GT:MrManiac817 thanks

                    • Anonymous

                      30 May 2017 23:49  

                      Hello guys! I need help on The Rock, you know, that captain of Gwynn's knights? I'm on Xbox 360, my player card is Narcol3pt1k. I'm right in front of his tower in dark root grove.

                      • Anonymous

                        23 May 2017 14:42  

                        Hi, I have a lil problem with running my Dark souls 1 Prepare to die ... I downloaded and succesfully installed all PC port programs but when I start to play my game open normal in full screen ... but 75% of screen is black and only a lil piece on upper left side is normal. Can U help me guys?

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