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    • Anonymous

      08 May 2019 20:50  

      Hello there! I didnt find any community where I would find the my problem sloved, so I will post that here. I downloaded Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition today. Everything gone good but at the end most frustrating thing happened... When I click on dark souls simply nothing happens. I tried millions times but nothing helped... Does anyone know how do I fix that?

      • Anonymous

        18 Apr 2019 18:32  

        Hi guys, I’m playing ds3 and I can’t choose which weapon I should use, I have Claymore Deep battle axe Uchigatana Irithyll straight sword Lothric knight sword Butcher knife Great machete

        • Anonymous

          19 Jul 2018 23:59  

          I feel like trash beacause i test *that remaster* and it was awful.
          i not sure if that is called ¨*Remastered*

          • Anonymous

            15 Jul 2018 15:04  

            Possibly the worst remastered game of its kind.
            Graphics are better yes. The rest of it pure lazy programming. Enemies that still hit you through walls and pillars. Last i checked you use these things as part of a defense tactic. The visuals of landscapes and enemies in your way are still a major issue also. I am a huge fan of Dark souls 1, 2 and 3 but dont release something and call it a remaster if all you did was make the graphics better and cheese out on the gameplay enhancements.

            • Anonymous

              27 Jun 2018 21:04  

              Dark Souls Remastered = Dark Souls 1 For Kiddo's ( No offence but still pretty gud but i think they buff a little of everything )

              • Anonymous

                29 May 2018 04:01  

                in earlier version of game I retained armies and resources building I built up. In dark souls I start from scratch every round. Can I change this? So when I defend and area I took over and built up my resources I don't start over?

                • Anonymous

                  01 Mar 2018 02:13  

                  hey my gamer tag is cheaz pufs im looking for modded havel gear im on the Xbox one but if anyone has modded armor I would be happy

                  • Anonymous

                    01 Mar 2018 02:05  

                    He I am looking for someone with modded armor that could give it to me i am soul level 15 and would like the modded havel gear

                    • Anonymous

                      27 Feb 2018 23:29  

                      Anyone wanna help me with O&S? Soul Level 59ish? Add me on steam:

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Jan 2018 04:30  

                        hey guys, im not looking for help on any bosses, but if anyone wants my help transferring, farming, or killing any bosses on the ps4 heres my GT for some jolly cooperation;
                        just send me a friend request saying something about this site and ill accept it

                        • Anonymous

                          09 Oct 2017 23:17  

                          I am with a doubt (excuse any part that does not give to understand I am using the google translator) I am with a personage level 120, and I put double of the points that the weapon that I am using precise, I found that it damages some difference like increase the speed of the weapon or give a large increase in damage, but did not notice any difference. Can someone tell me if there is any bonus when I get the amount of bonus needed on the weapon or if it is my mind, and I would like to ask if there is any status that increases the damage of pyromencias, because I have already put the modified paroman glove in + 5 and I'm finding the damage low in the Novop game +1. Thanks in advance for your attention.

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