The GGG Bros

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Our Mission- Our mission is to end the Undead Burg Griefers. It will take a long time, and underhanded tactics, but we shall prevail!

How To- Each of us must have a character that has all of their best equipment and items in the Bottomless Box. Then, we create characters that have BB glitched. We lay down summon signs and, once we are summoned, drop our best equipment so the host can have it. Then, we act as a body guard and shield in case some malignant BB glitch invaders show up. We only take them to the boss. if they want to stay and gank, you suicide or BC out of their world. Rinse and Repeat.
For Friendly Black Phantoms- As soon as you see the host, do the Prostration Gesture while dropping items. Always suicide to leave, so they get the souls.

List of Members
  1. PSN= xerxes431

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