Gauntlets of the Channelers

gauntlets of the channelers
icon prot phy 17 icon res poise 3
icon prot strike 16.3 icon res bleed 12
icon prot slash 19.4 icon res poison 10
icon prot thrust 17 icon res curse 0
icon prot magi 13 icon other dura 300
icon prot fire 13 icon other weig 3.0
icon prot lightn 0    

Gauntlets of the Channelers is a Gauntlets in Dark Souls. It is part of Channeler Set.


Gauntlets of the Channelers Description

"Gauntlets of the Channelers, sorcerers that serve Seath the Scaleless. Even after the onset of Seath's madness, the "snatchers" as they were often called, ventured to far lands to find suitable human specimens. The heaviest of protective gear for sorcerers, and imbued with magic."



Where to Find \ Location

  • In a chest off in one of the side rooms of the Duke's Archives, near the stairs leading down to the courtyard that leads to the Crystal Cave.








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