The giant crow swoops down, claws outstretched, prepared to carry the chosen undead to their next destination.


-Northern Undead Asylum

-Firelink Shrine



The giant crow first appears in the Northern Undead Asylum, where he carries you to Firelink Shrine. If you curl up in his nest, he will carry you back.

You can also shoot him with arrows, but once he reaches 1/4 health or so he flies off. If you die or rest at the bonfire, he reappears. It is probably possible to kill him with ranged spells, needs confirmation.

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    • Anonymous

      no the giant crow can't be killed. i hit it with 4 pursuers and it didn't die. it took at least 1200 damage

      • Anonymous

        I can confirm that the crow is impossible to kill. I used powerful magic spells against him and even when his health was depleted, he just flew off until i used the bonfire

        • Anonymous

          I hate being able to lock on to it because it’s like we’re treating it as an enemy. This is our friend!

          • Anonymous

            Just remember this is a she not a he, and not to mention in some lore theories they think this crow is Velka the goddess of Sin

            • Anonymous

              you cant kill him I used soil spear which took like around 65% hp off and then use another and it survived with 1 hp

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