Gold Pine Resin


Rare pine resin which emits golden sparks. Applies lightning to right-hand weapon.
Affected weapon inflicts rare lightning damage, making it effective against targets which are resilient to both magic and fire. Very effective against dragon family foes

Gold Pine Resin is a Consumable in Dark Souls.

Gold Pine Resin Usage

  • Applies 150 Lightning damage to the right-hand weapon.
  • Duration: 60 seconds.
  • May only be used on weapons that are on the standard +1...+15 weapon path and which are not inherently magical (see Weapon Buffs).

Gold Pine Resin Location


Bloodred Moss Clump  ♦  Charcoal Pine Resin  ♦  Divine Blessing  ♦  Egg Vermifuge  ♦  Elizabeth's Mushroom  ♦  Estus Flask  ♦  Fire Keeper Soul  ♦  Green Blossom  ♦  Homeward Bone  ♦  Humanity(Consumable)  ♦  Prism Stone  ♦  Purging Stone  ♦  Purple Moss Clump  ♦  Repair Powder  ♦  Rotten Pine Resin  ♦  Transient Curse  ♦  Twin Humanities

    • Anonymous

      14 Mar 2020 02:07  

      Why can't i use it? I'm trying to use the item but it just has a cross over it or just grey when i try to press R.

      • Anonymous

        08 Jul 2018 12:31  

        So I plan a strength build and I'm not sure if I should use this as a buff or if I should put in some extra levels to get 15 int and use strong magic weapon.

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