This build uses a mixed bag of Pyromancies and miracles. The main weapon as Grave Lord sword. Most PVP should be done at the Kiln of the first flame, Anor Londo, Dark wood Forest/Basin, New Londo ETC. At least Thats Where I PVP. Tanking Abilities, High Damage And Maintaining mobility.


-Grave Lord Sword +5 ( Weighs 10.0 And Does 397 Damage, This is Rather Expensive and You Most Likely will have limited Demon Titanites, But It Makes Up for That By having Huge Damage at +5 And Poison Does 5 Points of health per second for 600 seconds, Basically this is a Raw Weapon With High Damage And Poison).
-Ascended Pyromancy Flame +5 ( Any One Who tranquil walk of peace's You, Use Iron Flesh For Substantially less damage).
-Great Shield of Artorias +5 ( Very Heavy, 16.0 But it Makes up for it by having the highest Stability in the game with 88, ALMOST half the weight of Havel's Great Shield, This Shield has 80% fire Resistance, Any Negative Status Effects such as Poison, Bleeding, ETC will not Effect You When It hits the shield, The Bar Will Not Even Show, The Only time it shows is when you get cursed in PVE, IMO Best Shield In the game).
-Free Slot

ARMOR (This is What I Use).

-Big Hat +5 ( Crazy Amount of magic Resistance With 66.7, Decent Physical Resistance with 21.7 All At +5, Weighs 3.0 Also Looks Cool).
-Dingy Robes +9 / 10 (Favorite Of Mine 49.9 Physical Resistance, I Have These at +9, Because I Don't Wanna Use a Titanite Slab, 71.6 magic Resistance, 45.5 Curse Resistance For PVE and Only Weighs 3.0).
-Cleric's Gauntlets +9 10 ( At +5, Its Stronger Than Elite Knights Gauntlets +10, At + 10 It doubles The Physical Protection of Elite Knight Gauntlets, It Also Doubles in Poise and Looks Cool).
-Elite Knight Leggings +9 / 10 ( Not as Good As Cleric's But You Stay Under 50% Weight, But This is Very Good Anyways, 55.7 Physical Defense, weighs 6.9).


-Ring Of Favor & Protection ( Adds 20% Health, Equipment Load and Stamina, with 40 Endurance this adds 32 stamina, so 192 Stamina, I Believe This is the only way to go past Max, 40 Vitality with this ring is equivalent to 55 Vitality).
-Dark Wood Grain Ring (When Under 50% Equipment Burden, gives you the speed of a player with 25% equipment burden and gives you the fastest and farthest roll, where you flip, back step is faster).


Class: Cleric

Covenant Choices

-Grave Lord Servants ( join this for grave lord sword).
-Dark Wraith ( Dark hand, to Humanity absorb other players, NPCs and Easy access to faster PVP).
-Warriors Of Sunlight AKA Sun bros ( Lightning Spear, Any Miracles You Can Get Your Hands On here).
This is Still A '' Work In Progress''. Once Again My Friend Yahya Requested This Again. '' Yahya Is A Lumpy Diarrhea Piece of Sh*t''.
I will Edit This later.

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