Gravelord Pyromancer

by: Sberky25

This is a powerful Pyromancer with an amazing sword, and has good health, stamina and spell slots.

Starting Class:



Vitality - 35
Attunement - 50 (for the full 10 spell slots)
Endurance - 35
Strength - 30
Dexterity - 15
Resistance - 15
Inteligence - 15
Faith - 15

Total Level - 132 (if my math is correct)

Right Hand 1 - Gravelord Sword - Max upgrade costs 25,000 total and uses 10 demon titanite total - and the poison effect from the weapon is good in PvP
Right Hand 2 - Pyromancer Flame - Get Laurentius to upgrade the Pyromancer Flame to +15, then take it to Quelana in the Blighttown Swamps to ascend the flame, then upgrade to maximum with her (this will take a LOT of souls, it takes more than 30,000 souls to get +3 after ascension and keeps increasing each time)
Left Hand 1 - Crest Shield OR Spider Shield (preferably fully upgraded to reduce the stamina drain)
Left Hand 2 - Talisman - to use the Heal and Force Miracle in co-op/PvP
It is also a good idea to carry an upgraded longbow with 999 wooden/standard arrows to lure enemies from a crowd and do a little bit of damage - and to also kill the Helkite Dragon
Silver Knight Helm - Black Iron Helm
Silver Knight Armor - Black Iron Armor
Silver Knight Gauntlets - Black Iron Gauntlets
Silver Knight Leggings - Black Iron Leggings
Wear the Silver Knight Armor Set early on, when your Endurance is around the 31 mark, switch to the Black Iron Armor Set because it has much more physical damage resistance.
Havel's Ring (to let you roll with the Silver Knight Armor)
Ring of Favor and Protection OR Ring of the Evil Eye

Aditional Notes:

The Gravelord Sword is obtained from joining the Gravelord Covenant - go through the Catacombs until you see a Titanite Demon in the distance down a long corridor, go towards it and just infront of it there is an open coffin, activate it and wait a few moments. You will be transported to another giant room with Nito in it, speak to him to join the covenant and recieve the Gravelord Sword

The Silver Knight Armor Set is obtained in Anor Londo, guarded by 2 black knights - if you follow the level all the way around untill you get to the room with the 2 Tower Knights and an archer Black Knight, just before that room there is a corridor with 2 doors, one leads to the armor set and the other door leads to a Titanite Demon

To get the Spider Shield, after you kill the Capra Demon boss, proceed to the depths, then after you kill the first butcher miniboss, drop down the hole behind him and run around the walkway to get the shield (dont forget to pick up the Large Ember in the chest near the butcher - and Laurentius is trapped in a barrel near this area aswell)

The Black Iron Armor Set is found near the painting to the Painted World of Ariamis. When you get to the mechanism that moves the platform up and down, take it down until you get to a room with a lot of guardians (it is 2 down from the very top position), run along the left wall (kill all of them if you want a bit of souls) and the armor set is in the back corner.

I would recommend focusing on getting all of the weapons and uprades first while slowly leveling up, making it a lot easier to kill enemies and bosses, and then just keep helping people (being summoned as a blue phantom) in Sen's Fortress/Anor Londo/Painted World of Ariamis to get a lot of souls then just get the level ups!
Hope you will enjoy this build as much as i am :)

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