Gravelord Sword +5

397 icon_dmg_cbonus.png 100
- icon_prot_stab.png 36
- icon_other_dura.png 600
- icon_other_weig.png 10.0
Requirements & Bonus
icon_strength.png icon_dexterity.png icon_intelligence.png icon_faith.png
24 13
Auxiliary icon_res_poison.png 300
Weapon Type Curved Greatsword
Attack Type Slash/Thrust
Enchantable No
Special Toxic

Gravelord Sword is a Weapon in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered.


Sword wielded only by servants of Gravelord Nito, the first of the dead. Crafted from the bones of the fallen."
"The miasma of death exudes from the sword, a veritable toxin to any living being."

How to Get / Where to Find the Gravelord Sword




  • Give to Frampt to receive 100 souls.
  • Toxin build-up is 30 per hit, and once infected, Toxin does 5 damage per second for 600 seconds.
  • One and two-handed Strong Attacks are replaced by a thrust attack, compared to the other Curved Greatswords.
  • When held in the left hand, this sword can neither block nor parry, but will attack instead. Two handing can be used to block.
  • It is worth noting that while being wielded in the off-hand this weapon will only perform a standard slash for both light and heavy attacks; it will not perform its signature thrust attack, making it essentially useless for dual-wielding purposes.
  • This weapon can be acquired very early in game and is very powerful at low levels, though do not forget that you need an eye of death in order to acquire it (which can be picked up from behind the titanite demon).(You can kill the Bell Gargoyles with this weapon in only a few hits).

Youtube relevant videos:

  •  ??

Gravelord Sword Upgrade Table

Demon Titanite weapon upgrades are usually for Boss Soul Weapons that are created at the Giant Blacksmith in Anor Londo.
Regular Reinforcement Scales 13% for dexterity_dark_souls.jpgDexterity and 13% for strength_dark_souls.jpg Strength to increase your AR.
To reach max, you need: 5,000 souls and 10  demon_titanite_dark_souls_s  Demon Titanite.

  Attack Values Parameter Bonuses Auxiliary Effects Damage Reduction (%) Other
Gravelord Sword physical_damage_dark_souls.jpg magic_damage_dark_souls.jpg fire_damage_dark_souls.jpg lightning_damage_dark_souls.jpg critical_dark_souls.jpg strength_dark_souls.jpg dexterity_dark_souls.jpg intelligence_dark_souls.jpg faith_dark_souls.jpg bleed_dark_souls.jpg poison_dark_souls.jpg divine_dark_souls.jpg occult_dark_souls.jpg physical_defense_dark_souls.jpg magic_defense_dark_souls.jpg fire_defense_dark_souls.jpg lightning_defense_dark_souls.jpg stability_dark_souls.jpg
Weapon 265 - - - 100 E E - - - 300 - - 60 10 40 40 36
Weapon +1 (demon_titanite_dark_souls_sx1) 291 - - - 100 E E - - - 300 - - 60 10 40 40 36
Weapon +2 (demon_titanite_dark_souls_sx1) 318 - - - 100 E E - - - 300 - - 60 10 40 40 36
Weapon +3 (demon_titanite_dark_souls_sx2) 344 - - - 100 E E - - - 300 - - 60 10 40 40 36
Weapon +4 (demon_titanite_dark_souls_sx2) 371 - - - 100 E E - - - 300 - - 60 10 40 40 36
Weapon +5 (demon_titanite_dark_souls_sx4) 397 - - - 100 E E - - - 300 - - 60 10 40 40 36


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    • Anonymous

      29 Jul 2021 00:22  

      i got summoned by a gravelord servant few times (same player), he uses this sword. what the problem is, he started attacking me when i am still in the summoned position. I did not receive any damage but the poison buildup already occured, is this a bug? That doesnt make sense as I am unable to move yet, but the posion already started building up. Anyone encounter this?

      • 16 Jul 2021 17:31  

        PVE it's a good enough weapon. PVP, I'd say it is High Tier? or a very good Mid Tier? Not at the very Top, but good enough for sure. It's funny because I used to think this weapon was bad; I guess is so easy to get that you see a lot of bad players using it. But then I started to fool around with it and once I got the hang of it I was really surprised. It has a great move set, very balanced with an amazing Running Attack, a fine R2 and a simple but effective R1. Good for Dead Angles.
        Bad scaling. And it doesn't have the same range than a Murakumo (a better weapon for sure) but it's slightly faster.
        The Toxin effect in PVP is for the most part useless (as with all poisons is just too slow for Meta, 5HP p sec) but still is kind of annoying for the opponent, and even if it's just very slow damage psychologically still takes a toll with an unexperienced player.

        • Anonymous

          03 Jan 2021 16:46  

          i need information does it scale with str dex because i dont know is it beter than black knight sword but broken hollow sword is still best

          • Anonymous

            14 Dec 2020 17:31  

            ("The miasma of death exudes from the sword,)
            and this means toxin
            so the games opening video states: (Nito unleashed a miasma of death and disease) which also means toxic and umm other sorts of sh!t
            """"this might be an evidence to those withered toxic dragons.they might be dragons that were beaten by nito''''
            hmmm strange

            • Anonymous

              02 Nov 2020 01:00  

              whats the lorewise reason that it uses demon titanite for uprade?there might be something behind it...any ideas?

              • Anonymous

                03 Oct 2020 09:04  

                i have a deal you can give to frampt for 100 precious i almost got my pants brown to get down there and get this and then what???frampts being so generous and gives me 100 souls?aaah guess we should be grateful cause he might have gave us only 1........BRUH

                • Anonymous

                  03 Oct 2020 00:08  

                  I went on a good RNG craze on my first playthrough, getting the Black Knight Sword to carry me through the first areas, and right after getting the Titanite Catching Pole. They were such OP weapons on the start of the game and I never even thought they were random drops, but 100% chance loot. And then, I found myself the Gravelord Sword. It was instant love, definitely carried me through the rest of the early, mid and late game.

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Sep 2020 13:19  

                    Am I crazy or dumb that I used this in my first ever DS1 Playthrough right from the start? A Youtuber from my Country made a video about the best weapons before the first boss and this thing looked badass to me. After using it I kinda thought it was op and eventually switched to the Claymore. Claymore best bud in DS1. But yeah, this thing is amazing but it's kind of a cheese weapon for new players like me. (yes I went through the fast catacomb run to get this thing without really knowing where to go, but in the vid the person just jumbled and skipped half of the level.) I think I needed 7-10 tries to get it but if you are new to this game and have trouble, get this thing. Other than that, the claymore is always your friend.

                    • Anonymous

                      12 Sep 2020 14:58  

                      i know this is the grave lord great sword but it truly looks like a weapon of darkness!
                      so i use it for my dark lord build!

                      • 13 May 2020 11:09  

                        How fast were you? Statuses take a few hits to inflict, and start wearing off between hits until you do. You would have to hit said enemy a bare minimum of three times with no obstructions and very little room for delays.

                        • Anonymous

                          09 Jan 2020 18:12  

                          I got the sword upgraded it to +5 used it on a weak to toxin enemy C resistance I think hit it like 6 times no toxin does it only work in PvP? The vids I have seen show the sword puffing out the toxic cloud mine does not.

                          • Anonymous

                            07 Dec 2019 15:35  

                            does this thing give curse resist? for some reason my buildis hyper resistive to curse tho my armor offers none

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