Gravelord Sword Dance

Spell Type Miracle
Requirements None
Slots Used 1
Spell Uses 40 (20 per use)

Gravelord Sword Dance is a Miracle in Dark Souls. To cast a miracle, you must use a Talismans or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles



Miracle known only by the servants of the first dead, Gravelord Nito. Giant Gravelord swords jut out in vicinity.
Nito sleeps deep within the Giant Catacombs, quietly overseeing all death, and waiting for his servants to usher in the Eye of Death.



  • Area of Effect
  • AoE miracle similar to Gravelord Nito's "scream sword" attack.
    • Several swords will pierce the ground impaling enemies in the area. Miracle is very effective when used in closed quarters such as hallways or bridges as several swords may impale the same enemy.


Acquired From



  • Each Cast cost 20 uses, so it can be used twice to full effect.
  • This miracle has no faith requirements, and can be used to great effect by a faithless sorcerer with Velka's Talisman.
  • Members of the Gravelord Servant Covenant will receive a damage bonus of 10% per Covenant Rank, up to a maximum of 30% at Gravelord Servant +3. Nonmembers may still use the miracle, but will suffer a -10% damage penalty.




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    • Anonymous

      25 Feb 2021 23:52  

      Does the power of Gravelord Sword and Greatsword Dance scale off of your rank in the Gravelord Servant Covenant only, or does it also scale off of a talisman's Magic Adjust?

      • Anonymous

        23 Sep 2020 20:08  

        How long has this page been unedited? The first word sentence says "Force is a Miracle in Dark Souls." omg, FORCE? LMAO

        • Anonymous

          23 Sep 2018 22:49  

          i wasnt sure if the move scaled with faith of intelligence, ( i read many rumors online that the damage had been changed in a patch at one point) , i still wanted to test and with just about 13-14 dex, i dealt about 274-288 damage( NG+) to a regular hollow in undead burg , with that one extra point in faith i verified multiple time and the damage increased from 293-308 , so i can confirm that both spells( regular and greater sword dance) does scale with faith and not intelligence as some source online claimed.

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