Great Fireball

Spell Type Pyromancy
Slots Used 1
Spell Amount 4

Great Fireball is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls. To cast a pyromancy, you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancies


Ultimate fireball pyromancy. Hurl a giant fireball.
Salaman the Master Pyromancer, also called the Great Fireball after this spell, believed pyromancy was rooted in an adoration of fire. Those who acquire this spell usually agree.



  • Short to medium range attack
  • Thrown giant fireball, large AoE..


Acquired From



  • A more powerful version of the Fireball and Fire Orb with a greater area of effect too. The spell can only be purchased from Quelana.


Acid Surge  ♦  Black Flame  ♦  Chaos Fire Whip  ♦  Chaos Storm  ♦  Combustion  ♦  Fire Orb  ♦  Fire Surge  ♦  Fire Tempest  ♦  Fire Whip  ♦  Fireball  ♦  Firestorm  ♦  Flash Sweat  ♦  Great Chaos Fireball  ♦  Great Combustion  ♦  Iron flesh  ♦  Poison Mist  ♦  Power Within  ♦  Toxic Mist  ♦  Undead Rapport


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